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Friday, August 26, 2016

Review: Master 20-Sheet DUO Heavy-Duty Two- and Three-Hole Punches

I think most of us who work in offices or classrooms can appreciate the importance of a quality hole punch. I've had a few less than stellar ones and there's no bigger joke than sitting with a stack of papers, only to have to insert two papers at a time to avoid a jam. allowed us to try out their Master 20-sheet DUO Heavy-Duty Two and Three-Hole Punch to be sure it lives up to its promise. Turns out, it's a winner! One side punches two holes, the other three holes, so it takes basically no effort to adjust and it can most definitely handle a stack of papers. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Father-Son Day at Medieval Times #MedievalTimes #OrlandoAttractions

Let's be honest, Medieval Times is a place that the adults usually enjoy just as much as the kids. With that said, I was more than a little excited to visit for this month's Father-Son outing. Horses, battles, knights and food that you eat with your fingers...what's not to love for a three year old boy? The smile on his face from the time we arrived at the castle until the show was over put this in the win column for a day out with Dad and it couldn't have been easier.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Review: Sleuth's Mystery Dinner in Orlando, Fl #dinnershow #sleuthsshow

Since relocating to Orlando, we have been anxious to find the best entertainment spots in preparation for visitors. When we heard of the Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show, I was excited because I'd always wanted to go to a show like this. We had heard it was a good time and wanted to try it out before adding it to our list of things to do when family and friends arrive. We decide to attend a week night presentation of 'The Show Must Go On' and were impressed that it was packed for a Tuesday night! So...what did we think? I've broken down our two and a half hour experience below:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School Time is Chuck E. Cheese Time for Little Ones! #CEC

We all know that the beginning of the school year is an exciting time for the big kids, but it can be just as exciting for little kids...for different reasons, of course! Our family loves Chuck E. Cheese, but it's extra special when the older kids go back to school,  since it's pretty much a guarantee the little ones will get to live it up with kids closer to their own age and speed. Picture a more peaceful, calmer version of the summer experience.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: AutoRight SteamMachine...Giveaway! #carcleaning #HomeRight

After our recent sixteen hour drive down the east coast, you can imagine what our car looked like inside. It was surreptitious timing that we were asked to review the AutoRight SteamMachine because we were just debating whether we wanted to shell out the high price of getting our car detailed or not. Having the proper tools included in this portable steamer, we were definitely up for doing it ourselves and saving a small bundle in the process. (It retails for $129.99-clearly a better financial investment in the long run.)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 16th: Free Sandwich at Einstein Bros. Bagels for National No Kid Hungry Partnership! #GetEgged

Help support the national No Kid Hungry partnership! 

As former educators, we are big fans of campaigns that support the needs of children. Naturally, when we heard that Einstein Bros. Bagels is supporting national No Kid Hungry, we wanted to be a part of it!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Recipe: Easy Back to School Dishes with Jennie-O! #healthymeals #JennieO

It's that time of year! The new school year is quickly approaching, which means busy schedules and often little time to plan and prepare meals...let alone healthy ones. Though the start of a school year often brings a wealth of excitement, the thought of packing daily lunches for our kids can seem like a daunting task. 

By now many of you know that we are fans of Jennie-O products for the healthier meat options (turkey is a leaner and high in protein to keep kids full longer) and great recipes offered on their website. Well, leave it to them to have developed a handy online resource for parents filled with “How To”s and easy-to-make recipes for even the pickiest of eaters. Some of our favorites that we plan to make to get the first few weeks under our belts are turkey tacos to-go and the five minute Mediterranean salad because they are so easy to whip up. Take some time to check out the site to see which recipes will make your family happy and ease meal time stress as we get in the groove of the new school year. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando #orlandotourist #dinnershowOrlando

If you're looking for a high-energy, unique experience in Orlando, you've gotta check out Mango's Tropical Cafe! Picture a photoshoot entrance, amazing costumes, dancing and absolutely a gorgeous waitstaff that are so top-notch you can't help but be impressed. We had such a blast at their Friday night dinner show. We can't wait to come back with out-of-town guests. There's so much to say about this place...let's break it down!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review: Lush Decor Bedding...and Giveaway! #homemakeover #bedding

This summer we've decided to begin a few simple home makeover projects to brighten up the house and give it a more modern feel. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start with the bedding! You'd be surprised how something as simple as the right bedding can do wonders for a room. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

4 Tips To Do All 4 Disney Parks in a Single Day #Disneyworld

4 Tips To Do All 4 Disney Parks in a Single Day – yes, it can be done!
So, we treated ourselves to a couple’s getaway to Disney World, and just for the fun of the challenge thought “why NOT do all four parks?”

#1 Make a list of rides you want to go on, and then start at the park with the most. For us, this should have been Magic Kingdom. Instead we started at the one closest to our hotel (let’s hear it for AKL!), Animal Kingdom. The issue is, the Disney FastPass+ system lets you book fast passes months in advance once you buy tickets, BUT, on the day of Park Hopping, it ONLY lets you make new fast pass reservations ONCE INSIDE THAT PARK. So we rode Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safari quick and easy, but once we arrived at Magic Kingdom, all the fast passes were already booked through the late afternoon and we had to wait in the regular lines for rides like Haunted Mansion.

#2 Note which rides have single rider lines, and then book fast passes for the ones that DON’T. It was cool to ride together but when time is a factor you can suck it up and ride a few cars apart. The single rider lines are at: Expedition Everest, Rock N Roller Coaster, and Test Track. Note that NONE of the Magic Kingdom rides have a single rider line.

#3 Know which rides you’re willing to cut out due to technical problems, long waits, etc. We went on Halloween and have always loved Haunted Mansion, so we were willing to wait the 60 minutes in Florida’s heat to go on it again. Ditto for Tower of Terror. Know what we weren’t willing to wait for? Toy Story Mania, Big Thunder Mountain, or Space Mountain. Nothing against them, but we were on a schedule.

#4 Buses between parks average 15 minutes drive time, and are theoretically arriving at each park every 20 minutes. Theoretically. But you can walk between Hollywood Studios and Epcot in about 30 minutes, which are good odds to have. (In order of fastness: buses, monorail, ferries.)

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