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5 Benefits to Storing Dry Goods in Mason Jars #pantry #organization #BallJars

About a year ago, we gave our kitchen a major overhaul to create a quick and easy way to to improve the shelf life of our groceries and add organization to our pantry. We started by making the switch from keeping our dry goods in store packaging to putting them in sealed glass mason jars. We've found that storing dry goods in mason jars has some big benefits! It's about the easiest thing to do and requires almost no effort to get it done.

Thinking of making the switch? In this post, we've provided five benefits to using mason jar storage, some information on the Ball® Collection Elite® Regular Mouth 32 oz. Glass Mason Jars and 4 oz. Mini Storage Jars we use, and common bulk items to look for. 

When you're ready to get started, is a great site to order jars directly to your door!

Five Benefits to Mason Jar Storage

1. Bulk Buying - We love bulk buying for the option to get as much or as little as we need. It's a nice way to try new things without investing in a large package. It's also typically cheaper to buy in bulk because you aren't paying for the packaging and branding of shelf-ready products. In fact, organic bulk foods are known to be 89% less expensive than the organic packaged version. That's a huge savings. Since many places let you bring your own containers, it's also a much more eco-friendly way to shop. (You'll need to tare them at the store.)

2. Shelf Life - It's amazing how much less food goes to waste since switching to glass jars! No more stale cereal or forgotten inventory. Our dry goods stay fresh much longer and there's no sacrifice in taste. If you live in the South, you also need to worry about insect prevention. Leaving pastas, grains and other foods in the cardboard box packaging leaves your groceries vulnerable to a variety of insects that are known for invading pantries. These insects can ruin your groceries in no time and are very costly to get rid off once they've found their way in. Glass is one way to prevent this.

3. Inventory - Storing dry goods in glass jars allows us to quickly take note of how much we have left of each item. We're much more aware of what we have and what we need, list or no list. It's saves me from buying unnecessary items or making extra trips to the store because I didn't realize we were running low on an ingredient.  

4. Less Waste - We've also noticed that the more we can see our food, the more we eat it! Between buying in bulk to measure out the amounts we actually want and seeing our inventory clearly, it really cuts down on things sitting on the shelf becoming forgotten goods.

5. Aesthetics - I absolutely love the organized, clean look of our Ball® Collection Elite® storage mason jars. The cabinets and pantry used to look like a messy free-for-all. You'd be surprised at how much these storage jars can add an upscale, modern touch to your kitchen space!

**Be sure you're storing DRY goods in your canning jars. Items that normally need to be refrigerated or stored at a temperature other than room temperature are not candidates for this kind of mason jar pantry storage.

32oz and Mini Mason Jars

Our Mason Jar Recommendations
For dry good storage that you use often, we love the Ball® Collection Elite® Regular Mouth 32 oz. Glass Mason Jars for larger storage and the Ball® Mini Storage Jars for small bulk quantities like spices and seeds. The mini storage jars are also fantastic for creating your own rubs!

These 32 oz. mason jars are the perfect size for our dry storage needs. We use them for everything from pasta and grains to coffee beans and walnuts. The lids and bands make it easy to take what you need and seal the jar back up again. The smooth glass creates a sleek, clean look in our cabinets and pantry. If you want to take your food preservation up a notch, these jars are suitable for home water and vacuum canning as well. BPA-Free; Made in the USA

We love creating layered spice rubs for outdoor barbecuing in the summer!
Thes mini jars are 75% smaller than the iconic Ball® Regular Mouth Pint Jar, fantastic for dry herb storage. We recently started growing our own herb garden, so these will be perfect for our fresh, dried herbs! It's also the perfect craft storage solution for buttons, beads, etc. If you're crafty or have a creative side in the kitchen, these jars are just right for novelty desserts and beverage tastings, too. The one-piece metal lids and glass jars are BPA-free entirely made in the USA. Not for home canning use. 

Most Common Items to Buy in Bulk

Nuts Trail mix
Flour Dry pasta
Seeds Dry beans
Spices Dried fruit
Grains Coffee 
Cereal Spices and herbs
Granola Baking powders
**Many places offer gluten-free bulk items as well!

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