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How to Introduce Cultural Diversity and Embrace Inclusivity in the Early Years #MinilandEducational #multiculturaltoys

Instilling inclusivity in your children is best started from birth. The books we read, toys we choose, shows we watch and songs we sing can all have a deep, subconscious effect on the ideals our kids develop and cultivate as they grow. Often times, families instinctively select toys, books and shows that reflect the physical traits and culture found within the walls of their own home. While there's certainly nothing wrong with that, expanding your collection to include a wide variety of races and ethnicities is an easy way to teach children about differences and begin laying the foundation for acceptance and inclusivity. As we provide toy recommendations throughout the month, we're starting with one of our top picks, the Miniland Family Diversity Block set. Check it out below!

The Miniland Family Diversity Blocks game is one of our favorite developmental toys for young children. Kids as young as two-years-old can explore differences as they build families with a variety of skin tones, body types, faces (2-sided), and hair color. The set includes 12 activity cards which each represent a different family makeup. The goal is to find and stack the correct pieces to build the family that matches your card. We love how easily we can use this play set as a gateway to conversations about physical differences as well as social and emotional topics of diversity. Even better, since it was initially developed to be used in the classroom, the Miniland Family Diversity Blocks are also designed to target language skills, social-emotional intelligence, and motor skills. It's truly an exceptional game. Recommended for ages 2-6 years of age.

A Note for Adoptive Families
For adoptive families like ours, surrounding children with images and toys that look like them is so critical for their own self-acceptance and self-esteem. With all of the feelings and questions that naturally come as kids get older, laying the groundwork for body positivity and confidence in their own ethnicity will be invaluable to your little ones throughout life.

Consider adding this set to your home toy collection or gifting it to a daycare or classroom as a special gift for teachers!

Where to Purchase
The Miniland Family Diversity Blocks game can be found at or ordered on Amazon for delivery right to your door. Take some time to browse Miniland's entire collection while you're there!

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