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Give the Gift of Post-Surgery Comfort with the Brobe Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Bundle #breastcancer #cosmeticsurgery

This year has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What began as the best moment of our lives as we welcomed our newborn baby has shifted to a breast cancer diagnosis and anxiety-filled days. One in five women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Most of us can name friends, loved ones, and coworkers who have gone through it. Despite all of the advancements in the treatment of breast cancer, hearing the news doesn't get any easier. Upon receiving my diagnosis, I felt overwhelmed with all of the terminology I had to learn, the constant statistics being rattled off, and all the decisions that needed to be made so quickly. 

Many of my friends and family have found wonderful ways to offer support. The daily check-ins, thoughtful gifts, and hours and hours of help taking care of our newborn have been appreciated beyond measure. In my many late-nights of scouring of the internet and reading all I can find about my particular situation, I came across a product that everyone going through this awful process should have. It's called the Brobe Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Bundle and it's ideal for getting around more easily, managing the pain that comes with every bump and rumble endured during car rides to and from follow-up appointments, and just feeling a little more dignity during hospital appointments and home visits with family and friends. The items in this kit help to manage the drains, reduce pain, and feel calm, secure, and in control as you recover. While none of this process is easy, having the right post-surgery comfort items can make a world of difference. In sharing about it, I hope that it helps others manage their care better, too.

The full kit comes with two pillows and four gel packs, as well as a free cooling neck wrap, while supplies last.
About the Kit
Whether you're breast-related surgery recovery is related to cancer or a cosmetic decision of your own, recovery can last from a few days to several weeks. You may very well be dealing with fluid drainage, swelling, bruising, incisions, and more. Regardless, getting around will not be easy. Does the hospital provide support items? Yes. Are they quality? Definitely not. After a major surgery like this, set yourself or your loved one up for an easier recovery with the Brobe Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Bundle. 

Here's what it includes:
  • The Post-Surgical Recovery Bra: The design of this adjustable, wire-free post-op bra has been so well-thought-out. It allows for velcro strap adjustments around the torso as well as each shoulder and includes inner pockets in the bra cups to insert the Plush Hot/Cold Gel Packs or your prosthetic breasts. It's made of a super soft cotton blend that won't irritate incisions.The bra opens in the front and has a velcro closure, as well as buttons, and stays firmly in place.
  • The Surgery Recovery Robe: This robe has some weight to it and honestly, I like the material and design so much that I would wear it unrelated to surgery. It even has a pull string waist belt to feel extra secure. The material is almost buttery. Choose from black, magenta, or blue. Features include:
      • Four (4) pockets inside the robe are designed to hold JP drains and/or ice packs
      • Soft, comfortable fabric will not irritate surgery incisions
      • Three-quarter length sleeves allow for easy IV access during treatment
  • The Pocketed Pillow (2 count): This pillow is very soft and a great travel companion to get to and from places with extra padded protection. The pillow is machine washable (great for germaphobes like me), and designed to hold hot/cold packs for targeted hot/cold therapy relief.
  • The Plush Hot/Cold Gel Packs (4 count): These thermal therapy packs are wonderful and can be frozen or heated. They fit into bra/robe pockets and the pillow. The beads allow for the pack to contour to your body for maximum relief.
  • The Post-Surgical Drain Belt: This belt is key to getting around more easily. It allows you to shower independently and carry your drains comfortably underneath your clothing. The moisture-wicking fabric pouches are soft and they dry quickly, so they don't aggravate the skin. The belt with clip closure is adjustable to fit around your torso comfortably. Each drain belt holds up to four (4) post-operative fluid drains.
  • Healing Comfortably: A Comprehensive Guide to Surgical Recovery for Patients & Caregivers (Paperback)
I found that the robe, bra, and adjustable belt fit true to size.

Check out this video demo of the products...

A Quick Bit About Brobe
The idea of the Brobe began out of a close friendship and has grown to be one of the top products in post-surgery breast cancer recovery...

"In 2009, Wendy inspired Allison to create the Brobe, a first-of-its-kind surgical recovery robe with a built in bra and pockets for ice packs and JP drains.

Since then, Brobe International, Inc. has helped over 40,000 women battling breast cancer...and it all started with a Girls' Trip. "

I recommend reading the full story here, as it's pretty incredible.

Where to Purchase
Head over to the Brobe shop to browse their entire collection. Sending as a gift? Brobe will gift wrap the bundle items and include a personalized note, hand-written onto a greeting card. Although I wish breast cancer wasn't the terrible diagnosis that it is, those who become part of this awful club will likely appreciate this bundle tremendously. Here's to speedy recoveries for all.

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