EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Protect Your Child with the Clever Elly Car Safety Alert System #CarAlertDevice #childsafety #portablecaralert

Protect Your Child with the Clever Elly Car Safety Alert System #CarAlertDevice #childsafety #portablecaralert

Any parent can tell you about the scary scenarios that run through your head when it comes to your child's safety. Forgetting your child in the car is a frequent worry for many parents. It's certainly one of ours. Thankfully, it's now easily preventable with the Clever Elly car alert system. The Clever Elly system is a simple, portable reminder device that alerts the driver to check the back seat when the car has been turned off. For cars who's power outlets do not turn off, Clever Elly includes a free wireless, battery-powered door sensor that triggers that alert system each time the door opens. Let's face it, life is busy and as parents and distracted thinking happens. For such a simple device at an affordable price, there's no sense in taking chances when it comes to your child's safety. 

How Does It Work?
"Simply said, it's a talking car charger. It has a little speaker built in and a small rechargeable battery. When the unit detects that the power has been switched off, it plays one of the pre-loaded messages to remind the driver to check the back seat."

Why We Love It
Clever Elly is a simple and small portable device that takes up minimal space in the car and even has dual USB ports on the end to charge our phones or dash cam. Installation is as easy as inserting the device into the power port (marked 12V or cigarette) near the driver. That's it! No need for professional install, no attachments to car seats. We can't imagine any device designed to be any easier than that. Once it's in, you'll receive a pre-recorded reminder each time the car turns off and the power is cut off. What's more, it actually uses ten different pre-recorded reminders that play at random, to prevent drivers from becoming accustomed to the same alert and accidentally tuning it out. Eventually, checking the backseat becomes habit. We find it incredibly easy to use and love that it's portable, so we can send it along with the grandparents when the kids have an overnight trip. If you have multiple cars, we recommend purchasing one of the Clever Elly bundles, so you can insert it and forget about it, rather than taking it in and out of the car each time you take a trip. 

Watch this video demo to see how truly easy it is...

And for cars whose power does not shut off when the car is off, check out this quick video demonstration...

Where to Purchase
Head over to Clever Elly to browse their entire collection, from single device to entire bundles. They even offer a 3-in-1 universal cord chargers that pairs perfectly for your car. Consider gifting the Clever Elly system at your next baby shower! We have a feeling it will be the most talked about and appreciated gift at the party.

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