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5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for Your Little One! #KuteKids #homedecor

Transitioning from the crib to a 'big kid' bed is an important milestone that doesn't always go so easily. While it's something to be celebrated, some kids become apprehensive about the new change, and others, well, if you can get them to stay in bed for more than ten minutes, it's miracle. We find that creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere for little ones makes all the difference and it definitely starts with the bed. Below are a few tips on creating an inviting bedroom for your child, to help that big transition go a bit more smoothly. We've also provided bedding recommendations from the Kute Kids collection, our top pick for kids' bedding, and the 20% off promo code Avenue20 to use at checkout!

5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for Your Child

1. Use engaging, child-friendly patterns — create a bed that kids want to run to! Whether your child is into rockets, unicorns, animals, and more, deck out the bed to reflect their interests. Our little guy loves animals and the Kute Kids Alligator Sheet Set makes for fun and playful bedding that he is excited to snuggle up in at bedtime. Add a stuffed animal or two, and he's fully content!

2. Choose soft bedding — so often we find children's sheets stiff and lacking of the softness that makes sheets comfortable to sleep on.  We typically choose microfiber sheets for our kids because of the soft texture. 

3. Provide calming sounds — a sound machine is a must in our kids' rooms. I don't know how we went so many years without one! We find that white noise helps our kids to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. If you don't have a sound machine, consider playing soft instrumental music on your phone or laptop until they've fallen asleep.

4. Add a nightlight — at this age, little ones require a sense of security with big changes. Providing a nightlight allows them to feel more comfortable with their environment and helps them to sleep peacefully. We like to find nightlights that match our room themes, so we're currently on the hunt for an alligator nightlight! In the meantime, we're using a basic white nightlight that does the trick just fine.

5. Consider blackout curtains—Our youngest child struggles to take naps or fall asleep at night if his sleeping area is too bright. We purchased blackout curtains for him and couldn't believe the difference it made. He was out like a light within minutes. If your child likes a dark sleep space, blackout curtains are well worth the investment.

Bedding Recommendations

We love Kute Kids for the quality of their material and the wide selection of patterns they offer at a super affordable price. No matter what your child is into, you're likely to find the design in their collection. From firetrucks, sports themes, and space to unicorns, rainbows, and flowers, all of the bedding sets are absolutely adorable! Our Kute Kids sheet set is made of ultra-plush 100% microfiber for a soft and cozy feel. They're also 50% more breathable, which is a big benefit to our little guy who sweats a lot in his sleep. It's no wonder this company's products have such high reviews.

Where to Purchase
Head over to Kute Kids to browse their entire collection and order your child's bedding directly to your door. Be sure to use our 20% off code Avenue20 at checkout!

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