EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Epic Fun with the Boneless Super-Charged Skateboarders! #Boneless #StickTheTrick

Epic Fun with the Boneless Super-Charged Skateboarders! #Boneless #StickTheTrick

If you're looking for a fun set of toys for school-aged kids and tweens, definitely check out the #Boneless line of electric-powered, mini skateboards with poseable skaters and stunt playsets. Kids charge up the skateboards and pose the skaters to send them riding, bumping, reversing and nailing tricks just like in real life. The skateboards charge within 15 seconds, so there's no interruption to play. We're starting our collection with the sets above and it's kept the kids entertained for hours at a time. We expect these to be the hot toys this Fall!

What's Included
  • #Boneless Figure Sets - Each figure set includes a skater, skateboard, charging base and collectible deck (3 AA batteries not included).  The skaters twist and bend like they’re boneless! Choose from six different skaters or collect them all.  Kids control skateboard direction with the switch on the back of the board. Slide the deck forward to flip the switch, up to lock it in forward direction, and down to reverse the direction when board bumps into walls or obstacles. These figure sets were hours of entertainment for the kids as they tried to figure out the perfect poses to complete skateboard tricks and stunts. 
  • #Boneless Cray Play Big Air Mega Ramp - This ramp set includes 1 Drop-In Tower, 1 three-foot-long ramp for max speed, 1 Quarter Pipe Ramp (with adjustable ramp heights for flips, long jumps and short jumps), 1 Trick Bar, 1 Deco Sticker Sheet, and Instruction Sheet. The Boneless skater, skateboard and charger are not included.  Kids pose their skateboarder on their charged skateboard and skate down the ramp. It's fun to see their excitement when they nail a trick and even their enthusiastic yells of defeat! We recommend setting this up on the floor for optimal use. It's awesome paired with the Super Street Sk8Prk.
  • #Boneless Cray Play Super Street Sk8Prk -This set includes 1 All-Way Ramp, 1 Vert Dome Ramp, 12 Adjustable Fences, 13 Suction Cups, 1 Deco Sticker Sheet, and Instruction Sheet.The Boneless Skater, skateboard and charger are not included. This may be our favorite set, as the skaters can ride, slide, grind, spin and flip all the way around the park. It's definitely where the kids get most creative. They even created a backstory for their skaters as they played with it for hours!

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#Boneless Skate Tips for Gnarly Tricks 
  • Charge skater for 15 seconds, or it may not have enough juice to stick the trick. 
  • Experiment with the two lower settings on the ramp first. These are the jump settings. TAKE OFF THE STUNT BAR and keep the directional SWITCH UP (forward only). Once you get the hang of jumping, see if you can jump over books, sneakers and other obstacles 
  • Try to go down the ramp and jump into the Sk8prk! 
  • Try different poses. Crouching positions tend to work, because they lower the center of gravity. 
  • One pose that works is the “optimal skater pose” in the #Boneless Skater instructions. However, with the arms out, skaters can get caught at the end of the ramp. Try one arm straight out in front and the other straight out in back – or both arms up in the air. 
  • Flips can be tricky. Keep the directional SWITCH UP and the stunt BAR OFF.  After you master a flip without the bar, you can experiment by putting the bar on the 3 different settings to see how your skater reacts. But you actually don’t need the stunt bar. Sometimes it can cause a skater to crash and not flip. 

Share your Tricks
Let's see what your kids can do! Take the fun up a notch by allowing your kids to create trick videos with the skaters and upload them on social media. Use the hashtags #Boneless and #SticktheTrick to get link up with ours. You can also email the videos directly to and the company will upload them to their social media pages for you!

Where to Purchase
Head over to Target to purchase this collection or shop for delivery right to your door! These will make excellent birthday gifts this season.

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