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The Scoop on The Toy Insider Summer 2021 Virtual Toy Event! #SweetSuiteatHome

We'd been anxiously awaiting The Toy Insider Summer virtual event for weeks and we're so excited to share with you about all of the fun we had and the amazing toys and games on the market right now! We had the opportunity to chat with some of our favorite brands and discovered new favorites as well. Read on for some first hand information about the latest and greatest toys and games you can find in stores this season!

The Set Up

Here's a little inside look at how awesome this virtual event was. We were able to walk along and jump in and out of booths just as you would in real life, but from the comforts of home. It was super efficient to find the brands we were looking for and explore the products each company was showcasing. The chat function made asking questions and interacting representatives very easy and the platform allowed them to show off their products in a way that made us feel like we really understood the product and could confidently assess the quality. Even better, we received a swag box of product goodies shipped to our door after the event and sure enough, when we got our hands on the products they were exactly as expected! 

Our first unpacking of the Swag!

The Scoop on the Newest Toys and Games
We already had a few brands in mind that were on our 'Must Visit' list, but this year's event added a few new favorites to our household (shout out to Bonkers!).  As you can see above, The Toy Insider spoiled us with every kid's mail delivery come true. While we loved EVERYTHING in this special delivery,  our house votes for favorites were Exploding MinionsRyan’s World Galaxy Explorers Mystery Mini Egg, Toilet Ninjas, and the Fortnite Fishstick Super Soaker. (As an 80's baby, I'm throwing in Good Luck Care Bear as my own favorite!!)

Exploding Minions - As the game says, it's a card game for people who are into bananas and explosions...and flaming unicorns...and sometimes fire hydrants. (Laughing already, right?) If you're as big of a fan of Exploding Kittens as we are, you will LOVE this game. I'll let Dr. Nefario explain the rules. The video is definitely worth the watch!

Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers Mystery Mini Egg
- Ryan's World still holds strong as one of the most popular toy brands on the shelves and this mystery mini egg is just as exciting for kids as the others! This is a Walmart-exclusive Bonkers product that has Ryan and his crew setting into space to explore the galaxy. It comes with new galaxy themed figures, a micro putty and an educational solar system map. We love these kind of toys because it fosters imagination and creativity that is so important to children's development. There's nothing better than listening to the storylines that kids create when they're given a toy like this.

Toilet Ninjas - Need I say more? Kids and bathroom jokes will never get old, so of course Toilet Ninjas made the top picks list. These strangely adorable collectible figurines from Funko are so worth the cost ($5-$10) for the hours of entertainment they produce. You may be the lucky recipient of ninjas fighting with plungers and toilet paper, ninjas trying to meditate on the pot, or any of the 15 hilarious scenes.  We had to include a photo of the full collection for you to appreciate as well. The golden throne is a winner in our book.

Nerf Fortnite Fishstick Super Soaker Water Blaster - Hats off to Hasbro on this one because it ranked very high in our household. It's easy to open and close the cap to fill the tank and its small size makes it easy to carry with you as a pack-n-go toy. Super Soakers are always ready-made fun, especially this time of year. Add a Fortnite character theme to it and you've got immediate buy-in and happiness from kids. Grab a few of them and have a battle in your own backyard! 

Sensory Toys
Lil' Dimpl keychain
- We work with many kids who have special needs and we love to find simple, solidly made toys that help them focus on the work we do together. Included in our Swag box was a Lil' Dimpl keychain from Fat Brain Toys Co., which we know our kids will love. (In fact, we may be more excited than the kids because we know how much it's going to help them work toward their goals!) The Lil' Dimpl keychain size is perfect because it's great for travel and it doesn't get in the way of our materials when while working on skills in therapy.

We're also really intrigued by the Oddly Satisfying Sensory FX ASMR gadget. We weren't familiar with the brand and couldn't stop pushing and turning it ourselves, so we imagine it will be another winner at the clinic.

Overall, The Summer 2021 Toy Insider event may have been our favorite! We know parents love to find new toy and game options that are appropriate for their children, so we're hoping this post gives you a good direction to go in. Feel free to weigh in on our social media outlets as well!

Disclaimer: We are so appreciative of The Toy Insider for providing all of the items in today's post. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.