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Increase Reading Skills with Zingo! Sight Words #ReadingGames #Thinkfun

Parents, teachers, and speech-language pathologists will all tell you that Zingo! games are a must! We have used the original Zingo! board game in our therapy clinic for years as an engaging way to target language skills related to naming of common objects, matching, turn-taking, requesting, formulating sentences, and so much more. Knowing how much we love original Zingo!, when Thinkfun allowed us the opportunity to review the Zingo! Sight Words board game, we jumped at the opportunity. If you haven't added it to your own collection already, check out our post below to understand why it's one of our top learning games.

A Bit About Sight Words
Sight words are the words we recognize automatically when reading. They help us to read more fluently, which leads to better comprehension of text. While the true definition of sight words is more complex, it is widely accepted that a specific set of sight words make up more than 50% of all written material in the English language. Most educators rely on lists such as the Dolch list to target these sight words, beginning as early as Pre-K. A strong foundation in sight word reading correlates to stronger reading comprehension skills.

Zingo!® Sight Words
This game is recommended for Pre-K through 1st grade, though I will tell you that it is perfect for older kids with sight word deficits as well. The object of the game is to match the word tiles to the words on your bingo card. The green side of the bingo card is less competitive and the red side is more competitive. 

How to Play
Load up the tiles in the Zinger machine and slide it back and forth to reveal two tiles at a time. If you have the matching word on your card, you yell it out and place the tile on your board. In the traditional version, the first player to match all of the words on their card wins the game! Just like in regular Bingo, you may use alternate game play versions, such as scoring tiles in all four corners, getting three in a row, etc.

Check out this video for a demonstration of the game:

Classroom Use
When school is back in session, consider using Zingo! Sight Words as a cooperative literacy station. You'll be amazed at how well it keeps kids' interest and how easy it is to manage. One less center to prep for each day makes this idea even better!

Speech-Language Therapy Use
For those of you working with older children and teens, you likely find that these students are labeled with poor reading comprehension skills. However, when you begin working with them, it becomes clear that their deficits actually begin at the phonics and sight word skill level. It can be difficult to target these skills in a way that keeps an older child's interest and doesn't insult their age. We find that many of these clients love game-based play that offers a little competition, and Zingo! Sight Words is a perfect choice. It keeps sessions fun while hitting the word practice hard!

Where to Purchase
Head over to to view Zingo! Sight Words and browse the rest of their collection as well. This game can also be purchased at brick and mortar stores like Walmart, or online via

Win It!
The people from Thinkfun have generously offered one lucky Across the Avenue reader their own Zingo! Sight Words game! Enter below for your chance to win. Entrants must be 18 years or older and reside in the continental United States. The winning prize will ship after the quarantine has been lifted. Across the Avenue is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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