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Fun Summer Learning Activities for Preschoolers: Prepare for School with Play #educationaltoys #developmentaltoys

Summer is in full swing, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop! As we gear up for the new school year, it's the perfect time to engage preschoolers in fun educational activities that will help them develop essential skills while having a blast. Today, let's explore some exciting games and puzzles from The Learning Journey that are perfect for this purpose.

How to Introduce Cultural Diversity and Embrace Inclusivity in the Early Years #MinilandEducational #multiculturaltoys

Instilling inclusivity in your children is best started from birth. The books we read, toys we choose, shows we watch and songs we sing can all have a deep, subconscious effect on the ideals our kids develop and cultivate as they grow. Often times, families instinctively select toys, books and shows that reflect the physical traits and culture found within the walls of their own home. While there's certainly nothing wrong with that, expanding your collection to include a wide variety of races and ethnicities is an easy way to teach children about differences and begin laying the foundation for acceptance and inclusivity. As we provide toy recommendations throughout the month, we're starting with one of our top picks, the Miniland Family Diversity Block set. Check it out below!

Invest in High Quality, Affordable Kids Clothing with the Olive + Scout Mystery Bundle

Moms and Dads are going to be really excited about the latest deal we’ve found from the high-end children’s clothing shop, Olive + Scout. Head over to their online store to check out their Mystery Bundle, which includes three to four surprise items for $35! We haven’t found a deal this good in a really long time. For those who are unfamiliar, Olive + Scout is a family-run baby clothing shop with super stylish designs. (After seeing some of the items in our package, my husband wished they made these clothes in adult sizes, too!) With this Mystery Bundle, it was really fun to see what Olive + Scout picked for us, and the material exceeded our expectations. It’s so high quality, our little one will get use out of these adorable pieces for a long time to come. It’s worth taking the time to browse their entire collection of clothing, which ranges from 3-6 months to 5T.

Teaching Character Education through a Diverse Book Library at Home

Diversifying your child’s library is so important. It helps them to learn about others, promote positive character traits, and strengthen their identity and self-confidence. This week, we received an excellent holiday book box that is the perfect start to any library. This bundle is from Cardinal Rule Press and many of the books even include reading strategies and discussion suggestions inside! 

Watch "County Rescue" exclusively streaming on Great American Pure Flix & Enter our Giveaway! #CountyRescueMIN #MomentumInfluencerNetwork

Great American Pure Flix has done it again! County Rescue, one of their newest family-friendly series, airs on 2/23 with new episodes each week. I love that Great American Pure Flix has built a reputation as one of the best streaming services for families and the number one place to find quality Christian television shows and movies. With adult and children's programming, there’s something for everyone. County Rescue doesn't disappoint!

Give the Gift of Post-Surgery Comfort with the Brobe Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Bundle #breastcancer #cosmeticsurgery

This year has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What began as the best moment of our lives as we welcomed our newborn baby has shifted to a breast cancer diagnosis and anxiety-filled days. One in five women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Most of us can name friends, loved ones, and coworkers who have gone through it. Despite all of the advancements in the treatment of breast cancer, hearing the news doesn't get any easier. Upon receiving my diagnosis, I felt overwhelmed with all of the terminology I had to learn, the constant statistics being rattled off, and all the decisions that needed to be made so quickly. 

Many of my friends and family have found wonderful ways to offer support. The daily check-ins, thoughtful gifts, and hours and hours of help taking care of our newborn have been appreciated beyond measure. In my many late-nights of scouring of the internet and reading all I can find about my particular situation, I came across a product that everyone going through this awful process should have. It's called the Brobe Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Bundle and it's ideal for getting around more easily, managing the pain that comes with every bump and rumble endured during car rides to and from follow-up appointments, and just feeling a little more dignity during hospital appointments and home visits with family and friends. The items in this kit help to manage the drains, reduce pain, and feel calm, secure, and in control as you recover. While none of this process is easy, having the right post-surgery comfort items can make a world of difference. In sharing about it, I hope that it helps others manage their care better, too.

Plan Your Spring Break Activities with The Learning Journey! #educationaltoys #STEM

As parents and developmental professionals to little ones, we love to share about educational toys and games. Many of you know that one of our favorite children’s companies is The Learning Journey for all of their hands-on learning and STEM products that are so helpful for children's development. This week we received three new exciting items we want to share about: The Play and Learn Monster Me toy, Sing-A-Long Microphone and Match It! Picture Word Bingo!

5 Benefits to Storing Dry Goods in Mason Jars #pantry #organization #BallJars

About a year ago, we gave our kitchen a major overhaul to create a quick and easy way to to improve the shelf life of our groceries and add organization to our pantry. We started by making the switch from keeping our dry goods in store packaging to putting them in sealed glass mason jars. We've found that storing dry goods in mason jars has some big benefits! It's about the easiest thing to do and requires almost no effort to get it done.

Thinking of making the switch? In this post, we've provided five benefits to using mason jar storage, some information on the Ball® Collection Elite® Regular Mouth 32 oz. Glass Mason Jars and 4 oz. Mini Storage Jars we use, and common bulk items to look for. 

When you're ready to get started, is a great site to order jars directly to your door!

    5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Bedroom for Your Little One! #KuteKids #homedecor

    Transitioning from the crib to a 'big kid' bed is an important milestone that doesn't always go so easily. While it's something to be celebrated, some kids become apprehensive about the new change, and others, well, if you can get them to stay in bed for more than ten minutes, it's miracle. We find that creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere for little ones makes all the difference and it definitely starts with the bed. Below are a few tips on creating an inviting bedroom for your child, to help that big transition go a bit more smoothly. We've also provided bedding recommendations from the Kute Kids collection, our top pick for kids' bedding, and the 20% off promo code Avenue20 to use at checkout!

    Protect Your Child with the Clever Elly Car Safety Alert System #CarAlertDevice #childsafety #portablecaralert

    Any parent can tell you about the scary scenarios that run through your head when it comes to your child's safety. Forgetting your child in the car is a frequent worry for many parents. It's certainly one of ours. Thankfully, it's now easily preventable with the Clever Elly car alert system. The Clever Elly system is a simple, portable reminder device that alerts the driver to check the back seat when the car has been turned off. For cars who's power outlets do not turn off, Clever Elly includes a free wireless, battery-powered door sensor that triggers that alert system each time the door opens. Let's face it, life is busy and as parents and distracted thinking happens. For such a simple device at an affordable price, there's no sense in taking chances when it comes to your child's safety.