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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Home and Family

We've carefully curated a list of amazing products this holiday season! I've personally tried each and every item recommended to you and love them all. I hope these gift suggestions help to make the holidays special for the loved ones on your list. Check back often, as I'll be adding gift recommendations throughout the season!

Honeydew Sleep Company 100% organic bamboo sheets will upgrade your loved ones' sleep sanctuary to pure luxury! These high-end linens have an incredibly soft, silky feel and wick away moisture, keeping you cooler while you sleep. I also love the specially designed corner straps that keep the sheet exactly where it should be throughout the night. Choose from Powdered Sugar or Stardust colors and a wide selection of bedding sizes from twin all the way up to split California King. The quality of the material and the sleek look of these Honeydew Sheets make them an exceptional gift choice this holiday season. In fact, Honeydew Sleep Company is so confident in their bedding that they offer free shipping and a 60 day Money Back Guarantee! Learn more here.

Amish Country Popcorn has two exciting items that we can't wait to gift this holiday season! The Advent Calendar is a fun way to countdown to Christmas for the popcorn connoisseurs in your life. Each day brings a delightful popcorn surprise. It contains:

  • 8 - 2oz Assorted Bags of Popcorn Kernels & 4 - 1oz Bags of Assorted Seasonings
  • Popcorn Varieties: Medium White, Baby White, Medium Yellow, Mushroom, Red, Blue, Rainbow, Purple.
  • Seasonings: Sea Salt & Caramel, Dill Pickle, Cheddar Cheese, Ranch
As soon as I saw Dill Pickle seasoning, I knew I was going to have to make this a gift "To me, From me" as well. 

Those of you who follow us often know that I have made some major lifestyle changes this year and helping my loved ones live healthier lives has been a priority as well. Popcorn is a fantastic healthy snack option and cooking it on the stovetop is even better. Amish Popcorn Company's Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper makes it easy. Pop 6 quarts of delicious popcorn with as little as a teaspoon of oil in less than 3 minutes! Paired with the Advent Calendar and you've got a gourmet movie night gift set. Every popper comes with a "Secrets to Great Popcorn" guide with dozens of recipes and instructions. I especially like that the gears on this model are metal, not plastic. Head over to Amish Country Popcorn to order your holiday gifts.

Socks are a staple for the holidays and this year we're filling our stockings with one of our favorite brands, Bombas! Our family loves Bombas for their superior comfort and stylish designs. Each sock design offers special comfort features. Whether your favorite style includes ankle socks with blister tabs, seamless toes, and strategic zone cushioning or no-show socks with heel grips, you just can't find a better sock. Our toddler's socks even have gripper bottoms! Bombas offers a wide range of styles and sizes, making it easy to please everyone in the family. Even better, for every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a clothing item to someone in need, making it a double win for the Christmas season! Visit Bombas to browse their entire collection.

Power up the holidays sustainably with Paleblue USB-C Rechargeable Batteries! We love quality products that help us become more eco-friendly. These batteries are an incredible way for households to save money and reduce waste. In fact, each Paleblue battery can prevent up to 1,000 single use batteries from being thrown away. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Personally, the AA and AAA batteries have become lifesavers in our house for their reliable power, long-lasting performance and ease of use. Each lithium ion battery set comes with its own charging cord and can charge up to four batteries at one time. Charge time is only 90 minutes and they can be recharged up to 1,000 times, making them an ideal gift choice for any household. We are excited to give them to our loved ones this year and recommend them as a top pick for anyone on your holiday list this season as well. Learn more here.

This season I've been on the hunt for gifts that will support my loved ones' healthy lifestyles. The iHealth Nexus Pro wireless scale is a way to proactively manage health metrics and stay on top of problem areas. The wealth of data it collects provides a comprehensive snapshot of your health. It seamlessly syncs with the iHealth app, giving you access to a detailed and easily accessible record of your health metrics. This enables you to track progress over time, set achievable goals, and make informed adjustments to your fitness and wellness routines. It is truly a fantastic gift for any home this holiday season! Learn more here.

Where has this invention been all my life! Lid Pocket for crockpots might just be one of my favorite cookware products and I'm really excited to gift it to others this year. A practical and innovative cookware accessory, it solves the age-old dilemma of where to place the hot, condensation-dripping crockpot lid while in use. 

With it's easily attachable design, it securely cradles the lid, leaving your countertops clean and organized. It's made from a durable, heat-resistant material that allows you to attach it over or under the crock. No more balancing the scalding hot lid on precarious surfaces or risking burns. Even better, I can store Lid Pocket inside the crockpot afterward. Truly the perfect present for those who appreciate practicality and ease in the kitchen. Learn more here!

Trendiness meets functionality with the Styled Settings White and Gold Knife Set. Its modern design is perfect for the exceptional cooks on your list. The knives are made of high-quality stainless steel for toughness, corrosion resistance and edge retention, ensuring precise cuts each time. The built-in sharpener keeps your knives razor sharp, too! This 14-piece stylish knife set housed in a white knife block with a built-in sharpener includes: 

  • chef's knife
  • carving knife
  • bread knife
  • utility knife
  • paring knife
  • santoku knife
  • a 6 piece white and gold steak knives set
  • stainless steel heavy duty kitchen shears
No more mismatched knife sets! Gifting this set will elevate the culinary experience and add a touch of class and luxury to the kitchen arsenal. Holiday feast preparation will become a thing of beauty!

The Brondell Nebia Corre Four-Function Fixed Shower Head, 1.5 gpm is a game-changer for your shower. My family has been using it in our main bathroom and we are genuinely impressed! The four different settings cater to each person's preferences, giving you a spa-like experience right at home. Personally, it's been incredibly soothing on my lower back pain. The targeted streams provide a therapeutic touch, creating the most relaxing shower time, whether you're starting the day or easing into bedtime. It's a practical gift for the holidays that seamlessly meshes functionality with luxury! Learn more here.

Give the gift of wellness this season with the doTerra Family Essentials Kit! This kit has been an invaluable addition to our household and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who appreciates quality natural and holistic gifts. The set offers a diverse selection of essential oils to cater to a wide range of needs, from soothing lavender for relaxation to zesty lemon for a refreshing boost and purifier. Our family uses these oils daily and find unending benefits to our well-being. For those who may be new to essential oils, the kit includes a quick usage guide to help incorporate each oil and blend into your daily routine. 

Every drop is packed with natural therapeutic benefits that aid in self-care. Whether we are trying to alleviate a headache with peppermint, relax with lavender or ease digestive discomfort with DigestZen oil, this kit has it covered. Beyond that, the aromatic qualities of these oils are perfect for creating calm and tranquility in the home. It's one of our top choices for thoughtful and functional family gifts this holiday! Learn more here.

This season, the Antennas Direct ClearStream ECLIPSE 2 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is the gift that keeps on giving. In an age of endless streaming options, this antenna offers a refreshing return to high-quality, free-to-air television. With its sleek, unobtrusive design, it seamlessly blends into any living space while delivering crystal-clear HD channels. The antenna now includes Jolt Switch USB in-line amplifier for amplified signal range ensures optimal reception, even in areas with weaker signals. When plugged into your TV’s USB port, the amplifier only draws power when your TV is on, saving energy. This gift not only provides entertainment, but empowers the recipient to access local news, sports and shows without relying on costly cable subscriptions. It also encourages sustainable and eco-friendly living by utilizing free, over-the-air broadcasts and reducing reliance on energy-intensive streaming services. It's a present that combines practicality, quality and environmental consciousness, making it a thoughtful choice for anyone on your holiday list. Be sure to enter our giveaway for your chance to win one of your own!

Those of you who follow us often know about my obsession with ThermoWorks silicone cooking tools. They're quite simply the best utensils on the market for cooking and baking, so it's no surprise that their Hi-Temp Silicone Brushes are on my gift recommendation list this year!  Perfect for stocking stuffers, DIY gourmet gift sets or as stand-alone can't go wrong. These brushes come in two sizes, 8-inch and 12.5-inch, are made of BPA-Free Stain Resistant Silicone for healthy cooking and can withstand 600°F. They're made from a single piece of molded silicone and hold and release two times more sauce. Every person I've gifted ThermoWorks silicone products to has loved them as much as I do and uses them often because they are made to last.  Learn more here.

If you're looking to create an entertaining night of laughs and conversation with family and friends this holiday season, Off Topic Games has you covered. I especially love Off Topic, which is a trivia-style game where players race against the clock to finish phrases. You may be surprised what comes out of your loved ones' mouths under pressure! The other game I chose this year is Get the Picture. The goal is to sound out the picture clues to guess the famous person, character or band. It's such a good time and listening to players sound the words out brought on serious belly laughs. They are hilariously fun gifts to give or introduce this season. Learn more here.