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Personalize Your Baby's Nursery with Kraftmatics Design No-Stress Decals! #DIY

Designing our baby's nursery has been such a special time for our family, but I will be the first to admit I don't have the creative touch. When it comes to home decorating, I hunt for manageable, beginner level DIY projects with an upscale look and Kraftmatics Design had exactly that. We chose an adorable large decal that matched our jungle theme and even allowed us to customize it with our son's name. The entire process took no longer than twenty minutes and it makes the whole room feel cozy and inviting. We have received so many compliments on it and few of our friends even thought we had it professionally done! At such an affordable price and incredibly easy application, we highly recommend Kraftmatics Design.

The Importance of Visual Stimulation
Did you know that 80% of the information a typical newborn's brain receives comes from their vision? That's a staggering number! There has been loads of research done regarding baby's environment and its impact on developmental milestones. In fact, Ludington-Hoe & Golant (1987), noted that babies who are stimulated by their environments reach developmental milestones faster, have better coordination and develop a more secure self-image. When you're choosing your design, remember, the more contrast the better. You don't need to limit yourself to black and white decals, but going with big color contrasts will be more likely to stimulate your baby and gain their attention. Luckily Kraftmatics Design has plenty of high contrast options!

Our Experience
We chose the Monkey Banana Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker, which arrived quickly and required very little prep. The package came with a QR Code to scan for instructions. Here's what we did, step by step:

1. Clean the wall area to remove any dust particles, dirt or oil. We used a damp cloth. This ensures that the wall decal will stick to the surface properly.

2. Unroll the decal and lay it on a flat surface like your table or floor. Prepare the decal by using a credit card to rub and smooth out any wrinkles on one side, then flip it over and do the same on the other side. We found this to be super easy and we were finished within minutes. Our decal didn't curl up, but if yours does, they recommend laying a book on it to weigh it down to a flat position before use. This step is very important, so that your decal applies completely to the wall.  We also recommend holding the decal up to the wall to see where you'd like to place it, before going to step #3.

3. Lay the decal on a flat surface. Slowly remove the back of the decal. (This is the opaque white sheet.) Be careful that your decal is staying in one piece as you do it. If not, you may not have smoothed out your wrinkles enough. If you've done it correctly, the decal design will be intact on your transfer tape (the translucent sheet).

This is the opaque backing of the decal that needs to be peeled off.

4. Stick the transfer tape with your decal on it to the wall. Make sure you do this slowly and carefully, to prevent wrinkles or errors in positioning.

5. Use your credit card to again smooth out the design now that it's on your wall. This helps to push the sticky decal to the wall securely, so that it separates from the transfer tape when it's time. Wait 5-10 minutes before going onto step #6.

6. Slowly begin at one corner and peel away the transfer tape, so that only the decal remains on the wall. Take your time pulling it off. 

It's as easy as that! This particular decal comes in three different sizes. We chose the small, which was perfect for the area above the crib. The larger decals would look great above a kid's bed or as a centerpiece for a larger wall.

Check out this video to see another example of how easy it is...

That's all there is to it. It's such an awesome feeling creating a cozy nursery that supports better brain development for our little one to enjoy as he grows. It's an even better feeling having done it ourselves!

Fast Facts from Kraftmatics Design
  • Handmade Decal and computer cut for precision.
  • Easy to Apply, Removable, Durable.
  • Shock Resistance, Moisture Resistance.
  • Removable without leaving scratches on the wall.
  • Top-quality vinyl material. 100% MADE IN THE USA.
  • We take custom work requests; message us!
  • The Colorful Wall Decal is available in other sizes too, just get in touch and we will swiftly respond to your demands.
  • You can customize the mural’s color, and pick colors of your choice from the chart in the image.
  • For indoor applications (laptop, wall, indoor glass, wardrobe, etc.)

Where to Purchase
Head over to Kraftmatics Design to browse their entire collection and order your decal directly to your door! 

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Disclosure: The product in this post was provided by Kraftmatics Design. As always, our posts are our own opinions.