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Groove Life Stackable Rings for Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day, give a romantic gift that's both thoughtful and functional with Groove Life Stackable Silicone Rings! Silicone rings have become a must-have item for those with active lifestyles and professions where expensive jewelry doesn't fit the work day. Groove Life offers a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, allowing us to have fun with our fashion, no matter what the day holds. We especially love their stackable line for this holiday and chose the Women's Serenity set for the festive pink and glittery flair it offers and the Northern Pine set for adventurous outdoorsy types. With so many designs, it'll be easy to find a ring or ring set that fits your special someone's personality!

Serenity Stackable Silicone Ring Set

The perfect choice for Valentine's Day! The stone, mauve and pearl colors work beautifully together and the interwoven braids make the pairing all the more interesting. The braided pearl ring looks especially stunning on its own as well. As with all of Groove Life's rings, the inner grooves of each ring allow for air to move between the band your finger and keep moisture out at the same time. No worries about sweating or hand washing; these rings are super comfortable no matter what! Grab a few and mix and match as you like. Width: 2.5mm or 3/32” Thickness: 2mm or 5/64”

Northern Pine Stackable Silicone Set

If your loved one is adventurous, outdoorsy, or just loves natural color tones, the Northern Pine Stackables are the way to go! The pine green, icy silver and neutral taupe colors pair together nicely and are easy to match to most any outfit. It's worth mentioning that these rings are made with high quality, medical-grade material. As with all of Groove Life's rings, this set is backed by their 94-year No BS Warranty, so you know you're giving a quality gift this Valentine's Day. Width: 2.5mm or 3/32” Thickness: 2mm or 5/64”

Where to Purchase
Head over to Groove Life to browse their entire collection and order the perfect gift for your Valentine. Healthcare workers, Be sure to use the amazing discount that Groove Life offers!

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