EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Kick of 2022 Fun with Robotic STEM Toys! #SpyBots #AllProPasser

Kick of 2022 Fun with Robotic STEM Toys! #SpyBots #AllProPasser

With the New Year in full swing, let's get our kids away from those screens and using their minds and bodies with STEM activities instead! STEM toys are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based products that are geared toward developing useful skills in all areas of learning. They help to develop kids' academic thinking while  helping them to find their passions as they grow. We've found three amazing toys for 2022 that we're excited to share about. Sporty children will get a kick out of the All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback (pun intended!) and imaginative children will find hours of fun with the SpyBots Roboear and Cybernetic Security Robot.

Loads of Robo-Fun

The All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback
- We are having a blast with this All Pro Passer! For starters, we love that the ball is made of foam so it feels a little safer than a standard football. Anything that launches balls is a win for the kids in our neighborhood, and this robotic quarterback has kept them busy for quite a while. The launching worked well for us—heads up, you'll need 4 'C' size batteries for it to work. Kids can play with as many players as they want or play all on their own to practice catching skills. We have a decent size yard, so we were able to use it at home, but you may want to take it to a park for more space. Activities that keeps kids moving instead of sitting in front of the TV make us happy as parents and Great holiday gift idea.

Spybots Roboear - One of our favorite games growing up was to imagine we were spies as we surveyed the neighborhood. Had we had this Spybots Roboear, I can only imagine the fun we would have had! The Spybots Roboear is the ultimate audio-surveillance robot. Kids can detach the backpack speaker and insert the included earbud in their ear. Place the robot wherever you choose and it'll transmit the sounds around him up to 100 feet away. Whether you're inside or outside, around the corner or on different floors, this little bot has got some range! Choose from four different Spybots in the Spybot collection or collect them all! Includes three replaceable LR44 button cell batteries. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Ages 6+

Spy Bots Cybernetic Security Robot - No one will sneak up on your with this bot! The Cybernetic Security Robot senses movement and uses its' searchlight head to monitor all directions as the wheels drive it around searching for intruders. When the screaming siren activates, enemies will dash away in no time! Loads of fun, especially for kids' rooms. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Ages 6+

Where to Purchase
Head over to to order all three of these robotic toys directly to your door. Find the All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback at, too!

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