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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Weston Premium Waterproof/Snowproof Heated Gloves and Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

This winter, give the gift of warmth with Weston Premium Waterproof/Snowproof Heated Gloves and Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks! I wish I had known about these years ago. Whether you're giving them to an outdoorsy type who likes to hunt and ski or a fellow Reynaud's sufferer like me, these gloves and socks will likely be their favorite gift of the season. Perfect for men and women alike!

Why I Love Them
As someone with Reynauds, cold weather can really put a damper on outdoor activities. Outdoor events, group ski trips, and even playing in the snow with kids have always brought mixed emotions of excitement and worry for me. Double layers of gloves and socks were a must, but didn't always do the trick. Weston's heated gloves and socks have completely taken the stress away and allow me to enjoy the fresh air and wintery fun for hours! 

The lining of the gloves alone is so thick and cozy that the warmth starts before you even turn on the batteries. I love that they heat both the palms and the fingers and that they are adjustable to any size. The wrist and cuff adjusters create a nice, snug fit.

The heated socks are nice and tall, so that the warmth extends to your calves as well. I find them perfectly comfortable in any shoes and Weston recently upgraded the batteries so that they are even smaller for more comfort. The socks fit US shoes size 5-14 for men and women, so they are an easy gift to give this season! The package includes two batteries and charging cord, which can be plugged into any USB outlet.

About the Gloves
These electric waterproof/snowproof heated gloves get up to 154° F. There are three temperature settings: approximately 40° C on low, 45-55° C on medium, and 55-60° C on the high setting.  The gloves keep a constant, warm temperature for up to 8 hours, so that you can enjoy the day or evening for as long as you'd like. It only takes 30 seconds to warm hands to the temperature setting of your choosing. The set includes rechargeable batteries and it's super easy to connect and disconnect them to take them in and out of the zipper pocket which holds them.  They can withstand brutal freezing winters of -25° C, so it's no wonder that they have been approved by Ice fisherman in Norway.

About the Socks
These rechargeable electric heated socks have a small compartment in the top front portion of the sock to store the battery. They offer three different heat settings and can reach up to 130° F. Even better, they are sweatproof! I find that they are easy to pack for travel and take up no more space than any other pair of socks since they aren't bulky, despite the warmth they provide. 

Where to Purchase
Head over to Weston Store to browse their entire collection of heated apparel and order for delivery right to your door in time for the holidays! 

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