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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: KURU CHICANE Women's Hiking Shoes #footwear

As a KURU footwear fan, I'm excited to recommend KURU's CHICANE hiking shoes as a holiday gift suggestion this season! For anyone who suffers from heel, toe or back pain, receiving a pair of KURU shoes will be a game changer. The entire shoe line offers maximum heel and arch support that helps with Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet, bone spurs, and more. My personal pick for the holidays is the KURU CHICANE women's hiking shoe for it's supreme comfort and touch of sparkle.


Like  Walking on Clouds

Hiking outdoors is one of my favorite things to do, but long hikes can induce serious lower back and heel pain, as well as toe soreness that I often pay for later. Now that I've finally committed to investing in quality shoes, it has made all the difference. KURU has become one of my go-to brands for just this reason. Their breathable CHICANE hiking shoes allow me to continue enjoying the outdoors for hours without regret. The secure laces wrap around your foot for a tighter fit, so my feet aren't shifting around in my shoes, injuring my toes. They also provide a broader toe box for extra room. The patented KURUSOLE improves alignment and posture which is what helps to relieve my back pain. I call them my cloud shoes because they are so comfy to walk in! 

These shoes are actually one of KURU's original designs and they've used customer feedback to improve it over time, so it makes sense that they are such high quality. The moisture-wicking liners and grippy rubber outsoles are a great help as far as comfort and stability goes. Choose from full-grain leather uppers or a mesh and leather combo.

Fast Facts

  • Arch Support -Exceptional Arch Support is Built-in Material
  • Synthetic and Nubuck Leather Uppers, Synthetic linings, Non-Marking Rubber Outsole
  • Heel to Toe Drop - 12mm for better pressure distribution from heel to forefoot
  • Weight - Approximately 373 grams (13.16 oz based on a size 8)
  • Width - B+
  • Origin - Designed and Developed in the USA
  • Proprietary asymmetrical tongue design follows the top-line of the foot for a better, more adjustable fit, since there's so much variation in people's feet
  • Patented KURUSOLE with a special flexing action that hugs the natural cushioning in your heels and cupping them to handle pain and lessen impacts
  • Customizable fit within a few weeks as the patented ULTIMATE INSOLES which use space-age foam harness your body heat and custom mold to your feet for superior arch support and forefoot cushioning
  • KURUCLOUD midsole delivers endless cushioning to enhance the cupping motion of KURUSOLE

Where to Purchase
Head over to the KURU Footwear site to browse their full collection and order shoes directly to your door in time for the holidays. Free shipping, returns and exchanges!

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