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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Wine Insiders Warm Climate Wines 6-Bottle Set #winelovers

Whether you're ordering a gourmet gift for the wine lovers in your life, or getting ready to host a festive event, Wine Insiders is one of our favorite online shops for the holidays. They offer a vast selection of wines that never disappoint and quick shipping that makes holiday gift-giving a breeze! The price point is always a deal and each wine provides a detailed description to help you choose the perfect bottle. If that isn't enough to start filling your cart, Wine Insiders also partners with celebrity foodies Martha Stewart, Ludo Lefebvre, and Geoffrey Zakarian. That's a pretty major stamp of approval in our book. This year, our top pick is the Warm Climate Wines Half-Case from Wine Insiders 6-bottle Wine Set. The mix of fruity and full-bodied whites and reds pair nicely with any holiday meal and each glass brings on warm summer vibes. 

A Look Inside
The Warm Climate Wines Half Case Collection of bold and full-bodied wines were gathered from the vineyards of Spain, California, Italy, and Australia. Each sip transports you to sunshine and warmth—just what we need during the winter months!  The collection includes the following wines:

  • 2018 Free Flight Red Blend - We may be biased because we love cabernet, but this red blend is among the best we've had. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, the delicious notes of boysenberry, plum and violet make it hard to have just one glass. The high concentrated tannins give it a full-bodied feel that red wine drinkers love so much.
  • Paperbark Cabernet Sauvignon - If you enjoy black currant, you're going to love this cabernet. The rich taste and aroma of the currant pairs nicely with the notes of cassis, leafy herbaceousness and dusty oak. Pairs perfectly with a hearty meaty dish.
  • 2019 Flor de Sara Vendimia Seleccionada Tempranillo Rioja D.O.Ca. - If ever there were a holiday wine, this is it! It's like winter in a glass. Notes of cherry, cranberry and baking spices hit your senses right away. The tart cherry aftertaste was like a festive dessert at the end of a holiday meal. Hints of coconut, dill and tea leaf make this wine even more interesting.
  • 2020 Paperbark White Blend - This crisp, dry, light-bodied wine blend reminds us of a summer day. The notes of guava, papaya, passionfruit and lemongrass really come through, with an aromatic hint of freshly cut grass.
  • Cantina Di Solopaca Bianco I.G.P. - This dry white blend with fruit and floral aromas pairs fantastically with a white flaky fish or other seafood dish. This chilled wine is a nice choice as a white wine crowd-pleaser.
  • 2020 Lone Cardinal Chardonnay - We learned a few things from Wine Insiders when we tried this wine! Because of a process called malolactic fermentation and oak aging, this wine provides an amazing melody of flavors, to include vanilla spice, lemon curd, ripe yellow peaches. It has a creamy, smooth profile that we found incredibly refreshing. Wine Insiders provided this helpful tip: Over-chilling such a rich white can actually mute all the complex aromas and flavors—no more than 45 minutes in the fridge would be ideal.

Why We Love Wine Insiders
Wine Insiders provides a
 wide selection of exclusive, award-winning wines from established family wineries and offers savings of up to 50% or more. There's no commitment, no surprise fees, and free shipping on orders of six bottles or more. Even better, they offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They even offer wine education and an Insiders Club for even more select advantages.

Where to Purchase
Head over to Wine Insiders to browse the entire collection and put together a special holiday gift for the wine lovers in your life or stock your own shelves for your next hosting event!

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