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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Reading with The Good and the Beautiful

Give the gift of reading this holiday with The Good and the Beautiful book collection! Children's books are at the top of our gift list every holiday season. It's a tradition we hope to pass on through generations as a way to promote family bonding and foster a love for reading. This year, we are excited to share about an endearing collection of books for new readers. The Beginner Books Box B set and For Littles Mammals Bundle are our top picks because of their engaging content and strong support of beginner level foundational skills. 

Why We Love Them
For new readers who are learning sight words and phonics patterns, the Beginner Books Box B set is just right. They've found a way to create fun, yet simple stories using a combination of high frequency words that kids need to know to become fluent readers and two- to three-letter word patterns to practice blending skills. We love snuggling up together to read these stories with the children in our family and hearing the excitement in their voices when they are able to read words to us. It's such a wonderful feeling to see their confidence shine through. These sweet stories have a wholesome feel that can be hard to find nowadays and the nature topics are a great connection to science curriculum as well. It's no surprise that this box set was created by an author with an education background!

The For Little Mammals Bundle includes beautifully written and illustrated hands-on resources that are geared toward ages 2.5 to 5-years-old. Kids are intrigued by animals at these ages and the science-based set allows them to learn and explore through reading and matching. This is especially useful because matching is a pre-literacy skill: 

  • What Can You Do, Kangaroo? - We love that this book uses rhyming to teach kids fun facts about animals! Rhyming is an important skill for beginning readers and the more exposure they have to it, the better. The illustrations are so adorable and draw us each time we read it.
  • Two Mammals Flip-Books - These flip-books are truly unique and kids have a blast learning about new animals as they flip back and forth to create each mammal they learn about. Allow kids to explore by matching up animals correctly or foster creativity by allowing them to create silly creatures that they can name and describe on their own!
  • I Can Spy Mammals and Nature -  We have so much fun with this book. It's an educational I Spy-style book that tells really interesting facts about animals. (It even taught the adults some new facts!) It's important for children to explore picture illustrations as a way to build reading skills and this is certainly a fun way to do it.

Consider pairing this set with the Mammals science unit for the ultimate gift bundle this season! Parents and teachers alike will be thrilled to receive such high quality readers.

Where to Purchase

Head over to The Good and the Beautiful to browse their full collection and order for delivery to your door in time for the holidays!

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