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Holiday Hosting Just Got Easier with Meat District! #noprepmeals

If you're planning to throw a party this holiday season, make life easier with Meat District fresh or frozen deliveries! Shop high quality meats online and order directly to your door. We love being able to pull seasoned burgers or wings from the freezer and toss them in the oven or on the grill with no need for prep and planning. It makes hosting holiday parties a breeze and nightly dinner a no-brainer. From party wings, burgers, and sausage to tri tip, pork tenderloin,  and corn beef, they've got the meats covered.

This week we tried the Sweet and Sassy chicken wings and were impressed with the tender meat and sweet and spicy balance of these barbecue wings. We tossed them in the oven and in less than 30 minutes we were at the table enjoying a delicious dinner with no prep and very little clean up. Meat District also offers Lemon Herb, Beer Brined and Zesty Ranch flavors. 

Our weekend cookouts were brought up a notch with the Pitmaster brisket burgers! The smokey brisket taste with hickory smoked bacon, brown sugar, molasses and glazed BBQ sauce bursts through at first bite. The portions are perfectly sized to pile on the toppings of your choosing as well. The smell of these burgers alone made our mouths water!

Meat District offers a wide variety of burgers to choose from as well:

  • Pitmaster
  • The O.G.
  • The O.G. Sliders
  • Steak House
  • All American
  • Tail Gater
  • Farm House
  • Lean Machine
  • The King
  • Real Deal
  • Shaq

Looking to spice things up? Check out these tasty recipe suggestions from Meat District.

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Head over to Meat District to browse their entire product line and order for delivery to your door in time for holiday hosting!

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