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Destress and Satisfy Sensory Needs with Squishy and Soothing Nee Doh #sensoryregulation #anxietytools

Those who struggle with anxiety and other self-regulation issues know the value of strategies and tools to help calm the mind and body. In our pediatric clinic, we find that many of our clients benefit from manipulatives and fidget toys. It helps them to manage emotional, sensory, and/or self-regulatory needs, and balance alertness, so that their brains are ready to focus and engage on tasks presented. As an adult, I find some of the same strategies helpful in my own life! One of the newest manipulatives that I've come across and can't put down is Nee Doh. This squishy stress ball has such a mellowing effect, that it's definitely worth talking about. Nee Doh comes in a wide range of shapes, colors, and themes, and I fully expect it to be a popular items with kids this season, so check it out below!

'It’ll soothe your soul and get you feeling groovy fast!'

About Nee Doh
Nee Doh is the ultimate stress ball that you can squeeze, squish, pull and smash. When you're feeling anxious, you can knead the doh in your hands to mellow out and find some calming mindfulness. As the brand explains, these non-toxic stress balls help to promote focus, attention and centering. 

Check out some of my favorite Groovy Globs...
Groovy Fruit Nee Doh: This fruit Nee Doh is the set most chosen among our kids. It's cute and appealing (no pun intended!) for squeezing, squishing, pulling, or smushing. The set includes Boss Banana, Outta Sight Strawberry, and Far Out Orange, and each Groovy Fruit is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that always returns back to its original shape. It will definitely make a great gift this holiday season. 

Crystal Squeeze Nee Doh: This groovy goo glistens as you squeeze! It has an iridescence to it that kids love and the shimmering flecks inside make it even more intriguing. 

Swirl Nee Doh: The bright colors of this NeeDoh make it extra fun to pull and squish. Choose from shades of orange and yellow, blue and green, or pink and purple. It definitely gives me a space vibe and would also be fun to integrate into solar system curriculum for all of our teachers out there!

Cool Cats Nee Doh: For our cat lovers, this one is a must have. Nee Doh™ Cool Cat helps anxious individuals to chill out and get rid of any jitters.  With all things cats being so popular with kids and adults alike, Cool Cats Nee Doh is an easy choice.

Color Change Nee Doh: The Color Change Nee Doh is my personal favorite. There's something very satisfying about pushing and squeezing this ball to see the color change. It has a throwback feel to the days of hyper color shirts of the 80's! Choose from blue, pink or yellow.

Teenie Nee Dohs: Teenie Nee Doh is the perfect pocket stress ball! Grab one or a few and give them a good squeeze, squish, pull, or smush. The size is great for little hands and I love that it fits easily into the palm of an adult-size hand. No one even had to know your squeezing it!

There really is a design to match all personalities and it's worth browsing the Nee Doh site to find the variety that best fits you or your children. All Nee Doh balls are recommended for ages 3 years and up.

Check out this short demo of the Color Change Nee Doh!

Where to Purchase:
Head over to Nee Doh to view all of the stress ball varieties and purchase for delivery right to your door! Nee Doh stress balls can also be found on Amazon.  

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