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Explaining Foster Care Adoption thru Storybooks: Elliot by Julie Pearson #adoptionpicturebooks

Some of you may know that our family has begun navigating our way through the adoption process. We've decided to adopt through the foster care system, which is as exciting as it is daunting. With as many questions as we cross off the list, it still manages to grow longer rather than shorter. One critical question we're focusing on this week is:

How do we help our children feel secure in their foster care adoption story? 
I imagine every parent who has gone through the adoption process has had to grapple with this question. With all of the trauma and change that comes with adoption, we are anxious to find the 'right' way to help our children develop a sense of belonging and self-assuredness. So where can we start?

One natural approach is through storybooks. We've searched high and low for highly-rated picture books related to foster care and adoption (which wasn't as easy as we expected, unfortunately). A fantastic book that we fell in love with is Elliot by Julie Pearson. It's a story about a young rabbit, Elliot, who is placed in the foster care system and shares his feelings as he moves from family to family. Each foster family loves him very much and gives him the proper care that he needs. As he moves back and forth between his biological family to foster family, and eventually adoptive family, a social worker helps Elliot understand why it is all happening. The book is written in simple language and provides a clear story structure with an honest retell of the process balanced with the importance of care, love and stability of a forever family. At first read, the content may seem a bit heavy, but for kids who have been through this, we are hopeful that it will lead to open discussions and another layer of family bonding.

**While storybooks may not be as appropriate with some older child adoptions, the same sort of idea may work just as well with movie discussions!

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A look inside the book...

The Elliot storybook was originally a translation from a French book, so it is also available in French from the publisher Editions les 400 coups. Check it out here!

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