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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: My Big WimmelPuzzle, Animals Around the World #developmentalskills #educationalgifts

Puzzles are a fantastic gift idea for young children because they help kids develop finger strength, hand-eye coordination, perseverance, sequencing and problem solving skills. This holiday season, we've found a puzzle that promotes all of this skills, and language development as well! My Big Wimmelpuzzle is a floor puzzle and look-and-find adventure all in one.  Parents will appreciate this unique 48-piece puzzle and enjoy the conversations it brings with little ones as they build it together. Learn more below...

Why We Love It
My Big Wimmelpuzzle by Stefan Lohr is a gorgeous 3' x 2' panoramic floor puzzle with an action-packed scene that allows kids to practice key language development skills. Describe characters and actions, identify and name common objects and animals, and create stories based on each activity within the scene. It's also a great way to practice asking and answering questions (e.g., 'Can you spot Amir and John? What are they doing? Which animals do they see? Who are Pip and Pat the Puffins talking to? We totally agree with The Experiment Publishing Company when they say it’s a puzzle, adventure in hands-on learning, and literacy building tool–all in one!  Recommended for ages 3 and up.

  • 48 easy-clean, easy-grasp pieces
  • Finished puzzle measures 3 x 2 feet
  • Meets CPSIA and ASTM F963 safety requirements
  • Printed with non-toxic ink

Where to Purchase
Look for the Wimmelbooks and Wimmelpuzzles in your local brick and mortar retailers such as Barnes and Noble, or order from Amazon for delivery right to your door!

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