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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Pizza Party Throwdown Game and Holiday Poppers #HogWild

If you're looking for children's gifts that are going to bring on a lot of laughs and family entertainment this holiday season, Hog Wild has got your covered with their Pizza Party Throwdown Game and holiday-themed poppers. These action-packed toys will get kids moving and create hours of bonding time together. Fill the stockings with poppers, or group them together for the ultimate battle bundle. 

About the Game
Pizza Party Throwdown is a fast-moving game that requires players to toss their "ingredients" onto the rotating pizza game board using their game piece launchers before time runs out and the pizza finishes 'baking'.  This game offers three different levels of difficulty, making it easily adjustable for your children and their skill abilities. Recommended for ages 8 and up, it'll be a terrific hit this year!

This game includes:
  • rotating pizza game board with built-in timer
  • four launchers
  • 32 ingredients

Watch a quick demo of the game!

About the Poppers
Hog Wild's holiday-themed poppers get kids moving and laughing as they enter into ball battles or target competitions. Insert the foam ball into the popper's mouth, then point and squeeze to watch the ball fly! Our kids love to make their own hand-drawn targets and stackable light weight box towers to create their own carnival-style competitions as they point and pop. Allow kids to get as creative as they'd like with these festive characters. Choose from elf, yeti, snowman, Santa, Pig-Santa, and Rudolph poppers.

Where to Purchase
Look the Pizza Party Throwdown game and Holiday Poppers in your local Target store or order on Amazon for delivery right to your door.

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