EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Yeti Forgetti™ and Fuzzikins Cottontails Cottage™ #PlayMonster

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Yeti Forgetti™ and Fuzzikins Cottontails Cottage™ #PlayMonster

Each year, Play Monster has some of the most popular toys and games of the season, and this season is no exception! From card games to board games to imaginative play toys, they have an wide selection of fun and interactive gift ideas for kids. Two of our recommended selections this year are Yeti Forgetti™ and Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage™, perfect for kids ages 4 and up. Check out each one below and then head over to the Play Monster site to start checking off your gift list!

About Our Gift Picks
Yeti Forgetti™ is an exciting twist on the traditional memory game. Begin by hiding the yetis and snow crab under the igloos and mix them up. Players take turns drawing cards and doing what they say—peek inside to see what is under an igloo, swap them around or try to guess under which igloo a certain yeti is hiding. If a player guesses correctly, they get to keep the card. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins. Just don’t let the snow crab out of the igloo! We can't wait to play this with the kids in our family.

This game is for 2-4 players; recommended for ages 4+.

Cottontail Cottage™ This play house is going to be a big hit this year. Not only is the Cottontail Cottage a fun 20.25″ pop-up play house, kids get to design their own bunny friends! They can rinse and redesign as many times as they want. These flocked (fuzzy!) animal characters are white, like blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and create their very own animal friends! Then, they can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they’re dry. Each kit is full of creative fun because Fuzzikins ™ is a craft and a playset in one. Collect the fun sets featuring kitties, doggies and bunnies! Recommended for ages 4+.

Where to Purchase
Head over to the Play Monster site to browse their full collection and get your holiday shopping delivered right to your door!

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