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Family Game Night: Unearth #BrotherwiseGames

Dice and cards? We're in! Unearth from Brotherwise Games takes beautiful artwork and combines five dice and broad strategy into a family fun card game. Lots of games have great artwork but few also use probability and hexagonal puzzle placement to make the whole experience fun.

Unearth has three basic concepts all turning in unison for each player: dice rolls, cards, and hexagonal tokens. Each player uses an individual die roll as a bid on a card. High rolls are better to claim a card, but low rolls (1,2, or 3 on any die) are the only way to get a token. Of the five dice each player has to use (3 six-sided, 1 eight-sided, and 1 four-sided) only one can be placed at a time on any common card available. Multiple dice will end up on each common card but only the highest number die actually gains the card. The more cards of a common color, the better your score. For low rolls, players receive a colorful hexagon token. Each token fits in a ring of six, totally at the discretion of the player for color and placement, and inside each ring a "wonder" is placed for points. Greater Wonders are worth more than Lesser Wonders but are harder to obtain.

In our first round the score was close, 41 to 43. However, we didn't quite catch on that the card point value is ONLY used as a target to sum all the dice on the card. It's the color of the card that matters. Now this was clearly printed in the manual, we just neglected to read that part of it until we were ready to score our points.

To help clear the hurdle we missed, here's a video of game play:

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Unearth is available online directly from Brotherwise Games, Amazon, and Walmart as well as local hobby shops.

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