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Educational Apps for Kids: Peekaboo Studios Reading Comprehension Apps

Whether you're an SLP, teacher or parent looking for an easy way to improve reading comprehension skills in school-age children, Peekaboo Studios has provided a fantastic solution. Their reading comprehension apps span the grade levels from 3rd to 8th grade and provide a handful of engaging passages at each level. This week, I've trialed the Peekaboo Studios 3rd-6th grade Reading Comprehension Bundle with my clients and I can't say enough good things about it. The passages are well-written, the questions are on-point and the data collection options make my life so much easier. I love that I can track all of my students at once and email the list of scores to myself or send them individually to parents. It certainly beats carrying workbooks around, too! For $8.99, it's a steal. Check out more about the app bundle below...

About the Apps
Each of the Peekaboo Studios comprehension skills apps for grades 3-6 offers a collection of 10 original stories, with a mix of both fiction and non-fiction selections. The print is large, the font is friendly, and the spacing makes reading on the iPad nice and clear. At the end of each passage, students are presented with a set of ten comprehension questions and a final score, which is tracked and can be reviewed by you in detail. The question sets cover a variety of main idea, key details and sequencing of events questions that are presented with a field of four options. Each passage generally takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and the content has been specifically chosen for each grade level. What's more, all passages are aligned to Common Core State Standards!

This is a 5th grade reading passage sample. Answers to questions are highlighted in the text!

Data Collection
I love that these comprehension apps allow you to enter specific student names and collect data on individual results. In the 'Student Results' section, you can view scores and hit the 'Email Progress' button to email a detailed list of student results to yourself and/or parents. I like this option because it allows me to scan the list to see which types of questions students are missing and which types they have a solid handle on, so that I can customize my sessions accordingly. You may also choose the 'Export Results' option, which sends a list of all of your students with the average percentage of items they've answered correctly. It's a quick way to gain an understanding of where your caseload is at a glance. 

Overall, I'm really happy with these comprehension skill apps. They align well to many of my clients' goals, transporting materials is no longer an issue, and it saves countless hours of finding and making new materials for each session. Great for individual sessions, classroom use, or extra at-home practice with Mom and Dad!

Additional Apps from Peekaboo Studios
It's also worth mentioning that Peekaboo Studios offers a variety of free downloadable apps with full versions available for purchase. These would make great station activities within the classroom or fun practice activities to improve math and vocabulary skills at home:

Where to Purchase
Head over to the App Store to purchase and download Peekaboo Studios Reading Comprehension apps to your iOS device. While you're there, check out the full collection of Teach Speech apps!

About Peekaboo Studios
'Peekaboo Studios has provided the PreK-12 education content and cutting-edge technology that enables student learning. Our team has created award-winning titles and served more than 20 million students in over 150 countries worldwide. As a learning company providing educational resources for teachers, caregivers, and students, Peekaboo Studios is dedicated to helping children of all ages feel more prepared in and out of the classroom.'

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