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Family Game Night: Spy Alley #SpyAlleyPartners

We've been trying to find fun ways to facilitate strategic thinking for kids, so we when we came across the Spy Alley board game, we were excited to add it to our family game night. The team at Spy Alley Partners have designed an excellent 'bluffing' board game with a backbone of logic and deduction that is perfect for kids under 12 to learn, and fun for teenagers and adults just to play!

The basics of the game consist of item collection and dice movement, with special cards and guessing thrown in. Each player is dealt one of six secret identity cards, and only they know what country they're spying for. Players are given starting cash and follow a track around the game board to buy four key items needed to win (password, disguise, code book, and keys). Players try to guess which spy their opponent is. Collecting items for a variety of spies throughout the game helps to throw off the scent. If you're guess is right, that opponent is out and you claim all their money, collected items, and identity card. If you're wrong, you're out and you must give all your items to your opponent.

There are two ways to win. Either you're the last player, having eliminated all other spies, or you collect all four items and land on your country's embassy. All embassies are located in "Spy Alley", a shortcut on the game board.

Adding to the mechanics of the game are Move Cards and Free Gift Cards. Usually you're at the mercy of a die roll to get your piece around the board, but Move Cards have specific movements allocated (Move 6 spaces, move 4 spaces, etc.) and you can stockpile them for use later. Free Gift Cards mostly give you an item, but four are Wild and can be stored until the end of the game and used for any one item (these are awesome!).  Players can sometimes confiscate an item from others or use the black market to buy items, each action represented by a space on the board. Every complete turn around the game board gives that player an additional $15. There is no jail.

Why We Love It
Spy Alley is very intuitive and easy to learn. Our typical game length with kids was never more than 45 minutes, sometimes as short as 20 minutes. The theme is spot on. To me it feels like a mash-up of old spy movies, people in trench coats, everybody is a double agent, jazz clubs and corner drop-off points. Money is easy to get and everything is for sale but only being the most cunning gets you out of danger!

What You Get
  • Game Board
  • 6 Scorecards
  • Scorecard Pegs
  • 6 Spy Identification Cards
  • Deck of Free Gift Cards
  • Deck of Move Cards
  • Game Money
  • 6 Game Markers
  • 1 Game Die
  • Rulebook
  • How to Become a Better Spy! Advice for Kids

1. The game comes with instructions for 2 players. Double the identification cards given to each player at the beginning so you're playing two spies, and when one of those identities is claimed by the other person they must choose two of the three identifies to keep in play. To win only ONE spy must reach their respective embassy.

2. We did that when we played after the kids went to bed, then got a little more ruthless and instead of leaving Move Cards face up and playing Free Gift Cards immediately, we kept our "hands" hidden and played cards as needed.

Where to Buy
Spy Alley is available directly from Spy Alley Partners online store and your local game shop!

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