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Travel: VooDoo Donuts #PortlandOregon #OregonTourist

There is a recipe for deliciousness that goes like this: take a pretty regular donut, batter either baked or fried, and just dump a ton of oh so sweet awesome toppings on of it.  Serve to clientele.  Voodoo donuts has perfected this process.

Being in Portland we wandered in to Voodoo Too, the second shop set up by the most infamous donut makers in the Pacific Northwest, actually probably the world, since aside from the Fred the Baker of Dunkin Donuts fame, I can't think of another famous donut ANYTHING. Shop or ad (No wait, Lard Lad on the Simpsons.)  We knew the line at the regular Voodoo Donuts over on the west side of the Willamette River tended to stretch out the door and around the block, and since we were headed to the big mall on the east side anyway, we cruised by Voodoo Too to check out the goods.  There WAS a line, but that turned out to be a good thing since the menu was drawn on chalk boards up on the walls, a bit far for me to make out, and there weren't descriptions to go with the cool names: Bacon Maple Bar, Captain My Captain, Diablos Rex, Marshall Mathers, and the like. Intriguing names, to be sure, but what are the toppings on a Memphis Mafia donut?

One lady, dancing to the classic 70s rolling out of the jukebox, did what I should have and stepped out of line to go over to one of the two display cases and just eyeball the goods.  Had I done that I could have gauged the size of these sweet treats. Portland is not messing around with their donuts.  We settled on a Pothole and a Memphis Mafia. Total of $6.75.  At first I was mildly surprised at the price tag but considering not even my husband finished his Memphis Mafia - a fritter piled high in chocolate drizzle frosting, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and banana chunks - I realized these are more than a snack. Each donut is a candy store mini meal in itself.  We each ate half and kept the rest for later.  We didn't get to finish them until we were back at the hotel that night, but weirdly, we both agreed they were somehow MORE delicious hours later.

You can't miss the building, it's bright pink with old restaurant friers out front as planters.  There is a snake line ready to be used, like at roller coasters the world over (which we didn't. Our line was only 4 people in front of us.).  Inside it's actually on the smaller side. Quaint, really.  Five tables scattered among chairs and bench seats. Funny t-shirts such as "Worth The Weight" and "Good Things Come in Pink Boxes" are for sale up on the walls amid a general sense of classic hippie fashion.  It is a cash only business, so come prepared.

Click here to check out Voodoo Donuts!  

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