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Educational Apps for Kids: Word Search Articulation and Silly Sentence Articulation #speechapps

Whether you're a parent working on speech sounds with your little one or a speech-language pathologist in a school or clinic, you'll probably agree that teaching articulation skills can be less than exciting. The repetitive nature of the work is often a drag for adult and child alike and engagement can be tough. In my search to find ways to spice up dull sessions, I came across two articulation apps developed by fellow speech-language pathologist, Erik X. Raj that I can't say enough about! The Word Search Articulation and Silly Sentence Articulation apps for iOS devices create fun and interactive opportunities to practice speech sounds and keep kids engaged.

Why I Love Them
Word Search Articulation has been a great motivator for my school-age kids. They love hunting for target words in the puzzles and enjoy the tactile component that the 'select and drag' feature provides. What's more, the app offers a 'Hint' button that kids can use to highlight the first letter in the puzzle, eliminating frustration when they can't find it. This app has also introduced new vocabulary words to some of my kids as well, so we're building our lexicon as we practice our sounds!

Silly Sentence Articulation is a popular choice with my pre-K and school-age kids. In addition to strengthening articulation skills, it promotes problem-solving, decision-making, and vocabulary practice. Be sure to check out the 'Information' section of the app for a specific step-by-step Administration Example with script.

How I Use Them
Word Search Articulation:
Upon opening the app, I select my target speech sound. From there, I can choose one of the following categories: initial, medial, final, blends, mixed. This will load the first word and puzzle. Because I like to shoot for a minimum of 100 articulatory productions of the target sound per session, I require the child to read the word out loud (or repeat it after me) at least 5 times before finding it in the puzzle. Then, the hunt for the word acts as the reward. Once they've found it in the puzzle, I ask them to say the word at least once more before they touch the arrow to move on to the next. Many of my kids love this app so much they ask for it before we even get into the room! Word Search Articulation is packed with over 1,000 sound-specific articulation words to keep practice fresh and fun.

Current speech sounds available on this app: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, or TH

Silly Sentence Articulation: This app appeals to my kiddos who love to laugh. The silly sentences include sound-specific target words for kids to practice pronouncing in structured speech scenarios. The 'Hear the Sentence' button allows them to hear the correct pronunciation. It's also useful for little ones who can't read, because they can work on auditory recall as they repeat the sentence back to you. After they listen to and repeat the sentence, I ask them if that sentence is true. (e.g. 'I drove to the city in a sock.') After a quick giggle, and a conversation about why it is not true, I ask them to tell me which words are our target words (e.g. 'Which words are our /s/ words?') for extra production practice. In the case where a child isn't sure why the sentence is silly, they can press the 'Why is it silly?' button and receive a recorded explanation. 

Current speech sounds available on this app: S, Z, R, L, SH, CH, TH

If you're looking for a way to expand your toolbox and bring more fun to practicing speech sounds, I definitely recommend giving these two apps a try! 

Where to Purchase
Head over to the App Store to purchase and download Word Search Articulation and Silly Sentence Articulation to your iOS device. While you're there, check out the full collection of Erik X. Raj's speech and language apps! 

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