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iHealth PT3 Infrared No-Touch Thermometer #iHealth #healthykids

It's rare that we feel the need to rave over a thermometer, but for those of you who have tried the iHealth PT3 thermometer, I have a feeling you're with us on this. Gone are the days of struggling to take your child's temperature. Forget the tears, the fact, they don't even need to be awake! This iHeath no-touch, infrared forehead thermometer allows you to take an accurate body temperature reading without even touching the body.

About the iHealth PT3
The iHealth PT3 is touch free, hassle free, and suitable for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. Hold it only an inch from the forehead and press the button. The reading is available within a single second.

Why We Love It
  • It's super simple! Just hold it close to the center of the forehead and press.
  • Hygenic. It never touches the skin. Nothing under the tongue, no discomfort; just simple and easy.
  • Quiet. That is, soundless. No beeps. It vibrates when the reading is ready.
  • Easy to read. A backlit LED screen displays the temperature so it's easy to read even at night.

How Does it Work?
The thermometer works through the collection of infrared energy emitted off the forehead. Using over 100 data points the thermometer automatically adjusts for distance and environmental factors to give a clear reading of the body temperature.

Check out this video to learn more:

Where to PurchaseThe iHealth Infrared No-Touch Thermometer has a suggested retail price of $19.99 and is available from iHealth Labs directly via their website, or from Amazon.

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