EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with Arla Cheese! #Giveaway #ArlaCheese #GrilledCheese

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with Arla Cheese! #Giveaway #ArlaCheese #GrilledCheese

Being the HUGE cheese fans that we are, we are ready to kick off April with exciting news for our readers! In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month, Arla Foods is holding 12 days of social giveaways and activities. From April 1-12, 2017, one lucky Arla follower will even receive a grand prize giveaway of a year's worth of cheese! 

Our family loves Arla Cheese and I feel good about purchasing it because it's made with no added hormones, artificial colors or preservatives and only a few ingredients. If you haven't tried Arla Cheese yet, you have several grilled-cheese ready slice varieties to choose from: Havarti, Gouda, Fontina, Muenster and new Medium Cheddar. Gouda is my absolute favorite--creamy and super flavorful! 

Win It!
Check out the deliciously cheesy ways to celebrate with Arla...
12 Days of Grilled Cheese  The 12-day countdown to National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12) consists of all things grilled cheese, from a grilled cheese party piƱata, to grilled cheese lockets and cheesy holiday sweaters. Social media giveaways will be awarded to participating Arla social media followers. A selection of the planned giveaways include:
  • Grilled cheese locket of love  
    • Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches with all your heart? Then you better follow along. Arla will be giving away golden lockets that feature a photo of the winner on one side, and a grilled cheese on the other. Many will enter, five will win!
  • Cheesy sweater giveaway  
    • Who says tacky holiday sweaters are just for December? Arla believes National Grilled Cheese Month deserves them too! One lucky winner will receive a tacky grilled cheese holiday sweater featuring a hand-knitted grilled cheese sandwich. Merry National Grilled Cheese Month!
  • 365 days of grilled cheese  
    • The grand finale of our countdown to grilled cheese day will see one Arla follower win enough cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich every day for a year. To win, followers simply have to share how much they love grilled cheese and how they are celebrating for Grilled Cheese Day – creativity will be rewarded!

Be sure to follow Arla USA on social media for your chance to win the grand prize giveaway:

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