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Mother's Day Guide: Earl Grey Sampler from Full Leaf Tea Company #teatime #organic

Our family is full of tea drinkers. It's something my mother and I have always shared and we're both very particular about the quality. Full Leaf Tea Company is one of our favorites and we feel confident that other tea drinkers will feel the same way. They have a huge selection of premium loose leaf tea and matcha from around the world, so there's really something to suit every tea drinker's palate. The tea is individually crafted and hand packaged to guarantee freshness in every cup! We suggest showing Mom your love this Mother's Day with one our our favorite gift setsthe Full Leaf Tea Company Earl Grey Sampler.

What We Love About It
The Earl Grey Sampler includes four different flavors of Earl Grey Tea: Organic Earl Grey, Organic Kingston Earl Grey, Organic Herbel Earl, and Earl Grey De La Crème. The set also included 20 tea bags you may fill yourself to sample each flavor individually. The bold aroma fills the air almost immediately as the water hits the cup! All four flavors are distinct in taste. Each tin makes approximately 5-7 servings and the set is particularly perfect for traveling.

The Flavors:
  • Organic Earl Grey- Rich and smooth, this loose leaf tea will elevate earl grey to a whole new level! Organic black tea is mixed with natural bergamot flavor.
  • Organic Kingston Earl Grey- Bergamot and grapefruit essential oils are the stars of this exceptional blend. Organic Kingston has the traditional earl grey taste you love, with an addition of bold citrus flavor. This rich combination steeps a delicious and refreshing cup with a beautiful aroma.
  • Organic Herbal Earl- Naturally caffeine free rooibos provides a perfect base for an earl grey you can drink at any time of day. Orange essential oil and lavender add a smooth sweetness to the earl grey, making each cup bold and flavorful.
  • Earl Grey De La Crème- A subtle sweet vanilla flavor shines through on this black tea blend. Beautiful in full leaf with a garnish of blue corn flowers and an infusion of vanilla and bergamot flavor. It is the creme de la creme of earl grey tea!

We love that the Full Leaf Tea Company includes a caffeine scale. This particular gift set is fairly high on caffeine content, with the exception of the Organic Herbal Earl. Herbal Earl contains lavender, which is thought to be a calming scent that can help with sleep. We enjoy ending our day with a cup of this tea. 

Add an Infuser
As much as we love loose leaf tea, it's a struggle to find an infuser that doesn't leak. No one wants to find leaves floating in their tea cup. The Full Leaf Signature Leaf Infuser has gotten the design right. It is easy to open and close with a silicone groove that holds the stainless steel base. Squeeze the sides to remove the top, fill the metal infuser, and then pop the top back on. The silicone creates a tight seal to prevent leakage. It even includes a silicone base to remove the infuser from you cup to rest it without the mess. Pop it back in later to steep your next cup of tea! 

About the Infuser:
  • Available in five colors
  • Holds your favorite tea
  • Hand wash/rinse recommended
  • Stainless Steel bottom with signatures silicone leaf
  • 1.5 inch diameter, 6 inches tall, 2 inch diameter base

Full Leaf Tea Company offers a wide variety of organic, black, green, matcha, white, oolong, rooibos, and herbal teas. Visit the Full Leaf Tea Company website to order tea directly to your door!

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