EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: Review: Sleuth's Mystery Dinner in Orlando, Fl #dinnershow #sleuthsshow

Review: Sleuth's Mystery Dinner in Orlando, Fl #dinnershow #sleuthsshow

Since relocating to Orlando, we have been anxious to find the best entertainment spots in preparation for visitors. When we heard of the Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show, I was excited because I'd always wanted to go to a show like this. We had heard it was a good time and wanted to try it out before adding it to our list of things to do when family and friends arrive. We decide to attend a week night presentation of 'The Show Must Go On' and were impressed that it was packed for a Tuesday night! So...what did we think? I've broken down our two and a half hour experience below:

Gift Shop
We were asked to arrive 6:30pm, as seating would begin closer to 7pm.  Upon entering, we were greeted and offered some light or dourves (cheeses and finger sandwiches) before being directed to the counter for check in. While 6:30pm seemed early for a 7pm seating, we had plenty to occupy our time between the full bar area and the eclectic gift shop of jewelry, clothing, knick-knacks and children's toys. Just before it was time for seating to begin, we were introduced to "April", the dance instructor for the evening. No doubt, the show had begun! She got the crowd warmed up with a dance move or two before directing us next door to be seated for dinner.

Show Time
We sat at a table with a few other couples, which was truly a highlight of our night. They were all so into the show and so much fun that it made a good time even better. There was even a surprise guest at our table, but I can't ruin the secret on that one! Just know that from the moment you enter the door, the clues have begun! The actors were fully committed to their roles and even brought some of the guests on stage to show off their acting skills. I kid you not, there were people almost on the floor laughing. The plot was tricky enough that everyone at our table had a different idea of 'Who Dunnit'. 

Lasagna with Meatballs
Crackers and rolls were placed on the table as soon as we arrived and unlimited drink orders were taken as well. They provide soft drinks, beer (Bud or Bud Light) and wine. Dinner was served a little before 8pm, to which we had our choice of prime rib, cornish hen or lasagna with or without meatballs. It seemed as though there were vegetarian and vegan options available as well if needed. During dinner, we were encouraged to use any notes we'd taken throughout the first part of the show to discuss with our table mates and come up with a spokesperson to question the cast. As we were served dessert choices of either strawberry shortcake, key lime pie or chocolate cake, the cast answered questions to help the audience narrow down the culprit. 

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Final Thoughts
With a mix of families, couples and large groups, it seemed like everyone was having a great time. I would warn that there are a lot of innuendos that you may not feel so comfortable with children of a certain age hearing, but most of the kids there were far to young to pick up on them. The actors were quick on their feet and did a lot of ad libbing that deserves special recognition! 

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner offers several different shows to choose from, so we recommend checking out the show list to see which sounds most interesting to you. Ready to make a reservation of your own? Head over to for more information!

Disclaimer: As always, our reviews are our own honest opinions and may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was given for this post. Tickets were provided for review purposes.