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5 Tips to a Healthier Home #cleanhome

Dangerous Dust – Not only can dust affect your allergies, it may also contain hazardous chemicals. Carpet-free living is recommended to cut down on lingering dust, but at the very least, vacuuming frequently makes a big difference is combating dust. We vacuum at least twice a week and clean out our filter often.

Avoid Pesticides – This is particularly important if you have children in the home. No lies, we are the first to admit we freak out over bug or rodent sightings. However, excessive exposure to chemicals can cause long-term health problems. Most of us know there is a risk of asthma, but research has linked over exposure to chemicals to learning disabilities as well.

Be BPA-free – Most of us think of BPA-free products as only applying to babies. Not true! Check out your water bottles, canned food, and containers and avoid using items marked “PC” or “7”. We never use plastic wrap or plastic containers in the microwave and store most everything in glass or ceramic storage.

Water Filters – Whether you install an expensive system that filters all the water in your house, use the filter from your refrigerator, or go with a Brita, filtering out chemicals is such an easy thing to do this day and an easy step to better health. 

Door Knob Germs – How often do you clean the door knobs throughout your house—both inside and outside? We find this high “touch” volume is one of the fewest points in the house that gets a scrubbing! Whether you’re wiping with a disinfectant cloth or spraying antibacterial cleaner on it, let’s not forget to clean those knobs!