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Review: Avery Easy Align™ Self-Laminating ID Labels #getorganized #officesupplies

In our quest for organization, we wanted to label and stack boxes destined for long-term storage in the garage. Our problem with our previous label attempts was that the sun bleached the marker and we had to open every box to figure out what was inside. This time, we went with quality store-bought labels and from a little research, we found that Avery  Easy Align™ Self-Laminating ID Labels were the way to go. ( has great prices on these kinds of things.)

The labels come with a clear laminate that’s easy to apply. Avery advertises that the Easy Align™ design allows you to create perfect, laminated labels without bubbles or wrinkles every time—no lamination machine required. The material is UV resistant, providing extra protection against exposure to sun and other harsh environments. As a bonus, they’re also water resistant, so surfaces are just wiped clean. These labels resist scuffing, tearing and smudging, so they remain intact and easy to read. The permanent adhesive sticks to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, wood, metal, paper, ceramic and glass. They ended up being the perfect labels for garage storage.  We can see using these to mark your property and equipment, identify contents of containers and organize shelving in warehouses, storage areas and worksites. All in all, we are pretty impressed with how easy they were to use and how neat everything looks. It's amazing how a little organization can make us feel like a weight has been lifted!

For those of you who are in to customizing, the package notes that these labels are easy to customize with free templates and designs at, and compatible with inkjet and laser printers.

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