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5 Tips for a Great Date #MedievalTimes

My friends and I love rehashing some of the best dates we've ever been on. Whether we're comparing date nights with my single friends or listening to birthday, anniversary, or 'mommy & daddy' nights, we never get tired of sharing our stories. Often times, it's the atmosphere and uniqueness that have made these dates so memorable. Beautiful scenery, spectacular shows and creative activities seemed to rank as most memorable in our group. For these reasons, we chose Medieval Times Dinner Show as our 'Great Date' suggestion! Check out our 5 tips to create a great date:

1. Choose a Memorable Destination - Creating a unique and memorable atmosphere that your date will think about well after the date is over.

2. Plan Activities that Break the Ice - During the Medieval Times Show, the opportunities for cheering and booing create so much fun and laughter that it makes for an easy ice breaker and builds a connection between you and your date.

Action-Packed Show!

3. Be Sure Dietary Options are Available - There's nothing worse than going on a date only to find you can't eat anything on the menu. I'm reminded of a vegetarian friend's story about a guy who took her to his favorite steakhouse for her birthday. Epic Fail. (as was the relationship) We were impressed that Medieval Times offered vegetarian options and asked us if we had any dietary restrictions before preparing our meals. A full bar is available as well and they deliver your drinks during the show.

The chicken falls right off the bone! Delicious.
Though nothing beats the flaky apple turnover.

We loved that they offer such an appetizing vegetarian option!
It was very popular in our section.

4. Capture the Moment! - One of the coolest things about a date at Medieval Times is that they take your picture together when you enter. It's an easy keepsake to remember your date for years to come. There are also a few ready-made Medieval photo opp areas set up for you to use.

5. Rehash the Awesome Activities - Half the fun of partaking in date activities is talking about them afterward! It's a great way to bond, discuss likes and dislikes and build a connection. There's so much to rehash after the Medieval Times Dinner Show that the conversation flows easily afterward!

For locals in the DC Metro area, the Baltimore Medieval Times location is a hop, skip and a jump from DC. However, there are locations all across the country as well!

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