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Review: HomeRight Steam Machine Plus #steammop #springcleaning

This week my husband and I were on a mission to scrub our home from top to bottom. When Home Right offered to let us use their Steam Machine Plus Steam Mop, the timing couldn't have been better since we had just started our deep spring cleaning. As fans of the original Home Right Steam Cleaner, we were really interested to see what the 'Plus' could possibly add to an already excellent product. As soon as I opened the box, I realized the first 'plus'--it's design. The upright steam mop design makes it extremely easy to maneuver. It's light-weight, easy to angle in hard to reach places, and the steam shell actually detaches from the mop to use as a handheld tool for ovens, sinks, hard-to-reach corners, etc. With all the attachments that it provides, I can't imagine that anyone would be left without the right tool for the job. 
The SteamMachine Plus  Steam Mop is excellent for chemical-free, hassle-free cleaning. It heats up quickly with an indicator light to signify that it's ready and is very easy to control. You can use it on just about every household surface.


  • disinfecting stovetops, ovens, grills, countertops and bathrooms
  • daily floor cleaning on hard floor surfaces; such as laminate, hardwood, tile, stone, vinyl and linoleum. 
  • 205 degree temperature steam kills 99% of all germs and bacteria, including e-coli, salmonella, and staph
  • folds down for easy storage
  • on-demand steam trigger on handle
  •  cord wrap on the handle
  • floor mop and pad features a swivel triangular mop head for added maneuverability
Here's a look at all of the attachments that are included with the steam mop:
Cleaning Results
I disinfected the entire bathroom with the Steam Machine Plus Steam Mop-from the faucet fixtures to the shower door to the grout between the tile! Take a look at the results.

The squeegee cleared the water streaks off of the shower door with very little effort.

Much cleaner than our regular method!
Very effective on our hard water rings
We acheived similar results on our shower floor and bathtub.The Steam Mop brightened our graying grout as well!

After the bathroom, we moved on to the kitchen. Our stovetop is a struggle to keep clean, even though it's a flat surface. Things just seem to cake to it after every use, so the brush and scraper tools seemed like the right attachment choices. 

We continued to use the Steam Machine Plus attachments on the virtually every area in our kitchen and then finished the work with a quick steam clean of our wood floors. Even the mop pad is reusable, which is friendly for the environment. I'd have to give this steam mop an A+ for versatility, ease of use, and effectiveness.

After only a few wipes!
Check out the Home Right site for the Steam Machine Plus Steam Mop, along with many other household products and project ideas.

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Disclaimer: As always our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciative of Home Right for allowing us to review their product.


  1. It looks like it does a great job at cleaning. Your counter and sink look so sparkly clean afterward!

  2. I am sold. I have to get one of these. I didn't know they offered so many attachments and I've been thinking of buying a steam cleaner for awhile so your review could not have come at a better time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh, I'm so jealous! That looks like it cleans great!

  4. Thanks for giving the SteamMachine Plus a try, you really put it to the test.
    Laura Clark

  5. This looks great if you have a tiny bathroom like I do..I would definitely love to review one of these..Thanks so much for the review.

  6. Oh, I need this for my shower floor!