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PMP: Project Management Certification Study Guide

For anyone working on their project management certification, I highly recommend checking out this pocket book. Project management is one of those things nearly everybody in DC does but few people are really good at. Nowadays there is a test that people can take, the PMP (Project Management Professional), and if you pass it you're certified to work at major corporations and in the government. A big deal around D.C. Metro, to be sure! 

This little book is a quick read about how to approach studying for the PMP to maximize your probability to pass on your first try.
I like the structure the author chose for the chapters, since it shows the quick study drawings he used to memorize information (apparently there is A LOT to know about this test) before explaining each one. It then dives into an outline of how to study based on mistakes the author made, before wrapping up with thoughts on the test itself and how the certification is viewed from inside the government. Interestingly, it's a 50-50 split.
Its' a fast read, since it's a primer to the test and does not go into long explanations about the test questions (although there are one or two samples). Rather it's a strategic look at how to approach the test in preparation for the long hours of studying for the PMP. Good luck!

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