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Home Right Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner

This week my husband and I set out to see what the Home Right Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner can do. As we unpacked all of the accessories and read through the manual, there were a couple of things we liked right off the bat. For starters, we love that it has a compartment on top to house all of the smaller attachments! I wish our vacuum cleaner had a compartment like this because it keeps things so organized. We are also really happy with the size. I was a little nervous that this power cleaner was going to be big and bulky, but it fits easily into the corner of our closet when we're done!

With all of the attachments, you had to guess that it's a versatile steam machine, right? Check out what this power cleaner can do:
  • kills 99% of all germs and bacteria
  • quick and easy way to remove wallpaper-chemical free! 
  • sanitizes and cleans floors, stove tops, ovens, bathrooms and grills
  • steam mop sanitizes hard floor surfaces such as tile, vinyl and linoleum
  • cleans kitchen counter tops, ovens, stove tops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills
  • uses pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria
Cleaning Results
My husband and I tackled the entire bathroom with the Steam Machine-from the faucet fixtures to the grout between the tile-but the most impressive feat was the shower! Take a look at the results.

First we tried the small scrub brush on the hard water stains...

hard water battle
Gone in less than
20 seconds!
pink ring around the drain-gone
Then we tried the squeegee on the glass doors.

No need for the old squeegee
in the corner anymore!
We used the scrub brush around the drain and on the shower floor as well. We are thrilled with the bright white results.

The steam machine brightened our graying grout as well!

We look forward to trying it on our kitchen next, especially the oven and the dishwasher! It may sound crazy, but we actually had fun using the Steam Machine. It definitely made the work easier.

Check out the Home Right site for the Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner, along with many other household products and project ideas.

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Disclaimer: As always our reviews are our own, honest opinions and may differ from yours. We are appreciative of Home Right for allowing us to review their product.


  1. I need to try this on our grout. It's so difficult to keep clean. I would like this on our shower too!

  2. That is AWESOME!! I want one of those, stat!

  3. I need one of these! I like the idea of cleaning without chemicals period.

  4. Great results. This looks like it makes it so easy to clean things. I saw this at Home Depot and was wondering about it.

  5. Been looking for something like this - particulatly for the oven tops actually. As a landlord of a few properties I've always used two fantastic cleaning companies, oven cleaner kent and oven cleaner birmingham, but at home I fancied trying something myself and seeing how it went. Thanks for the advice!

  6. This looks quick and easy. I'm always looking for products to make cleaning easier.

  7. Can't wait to review mine, as well. I can think of so many uses for it!