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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Reading this Holiday with Kane Miller books! #giftsforkids

I love gifting children's books during the holidays and Kane Miller has some of the very best! Their stories are so engaging for kids and the illustrations are always so bright and inviting. Even as Halloween has past, my little one insists on reading The Pumpkin Who Was Afraid of the Dark several times a day, which speaks volumes about the picture books in their collection. Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or gift sets, consider giving gifts that support little ones' literacy skills and provide valuable bonding time together.

This sweet story by Susie Brooks and Cally Johnson-Isaacs empowers little ones by building resilience, with techniques from the animal world! It's such a fantastic idea as a way to encourage kids to try new things and feel confident in their abilities. This is often something parents struggle to teach their children and integrating reading as a way to teach about it and make connections to real life is so powerful. I'm looking forward to sharing it with my kids this holiday season and I hope it makes its way to your gift list as well!

My little guy absolutely loves this story and for good reason! Little pumpkin Boo who doesn't like Halloween. Follow her through the night as she finds a way to conquer her fears by helping someone else. The rhyming story makes it so fun to read together and the ending is so light-hearted and happy that it easily appeals to kids. My son anticipates the final page and announces it loudly and proudly each time. A definite winner to add to any book collection, regardless of the time of year!

Is anyone else as obsessed with the books that mirror 'There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly' as I am? I just love them and this hungry zombie version does not disappoint. The story is funny all the way through and the pictures put the humor over the top. I have no doubt we'll be reading this one all year long. I give a lot of credit to Kaye Baillie and Diane Ewen for finding a way to make otherwise creepy creatures just plain fun!

Santa Yeti by Matthew Luhn and Luke Flowers may be just as entertaining to adults as it is to kids. If you've grown up in a cold area of the country during the winter months, you will totally relate to our dear Yeti as he dreams of beaches and warm weather. His desire for a getaway turns into an unexpected adventure neither Yeti or Santa were expecting! I especially love the illustrations in this story. It will make a fantastic children's gift this season.

Based on the age old 12 Days of Christmas song, this funny dino story by Evie Day and Liam Darcy features rhyming text, super fun illustrations and an opportunity to sing together as you try to pronounce some of the dino names together! Thankfully, the book includes a guide to help with pronounciation of dinosaur names. If you have a dino lover on your gift list this year, they will surely be excited about this book.

Where to Purchase
Head over to Kane Miller Books to browse their full collection. Simply click on a book for more information. Then click on the cover to order directly! Books are also available through independent book sellers.

Disclosure: The books in this post were provided by Kane Miller. As always, our posts are our own opinions.