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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Convenience, Style, and Functionality with Kiddietotes! #giftsforkids

If you're looking for a fun and functional gift for kids this year, I've found the best gift recommendation! Kiddietotes luggage and backpack sets are the perfect gifts for little ones, just in time for holiday travel. These sets come in six adorable styles, from ladybugs to space themes and more. Parents know that traveling with kids can sometimes be challenging, but with Kiddietotes, the journey becomes smoother and much more enjoyable for everyone. This luggage and backpack set stands out as an excellent present for the little globetrotters in your life due to its durability, ease of use and super appealing designs that promote responsibility. Kids are motivated to pack, carry and pull their own pint-size baggage.

Why I Love This Set
Our Penguin Kiddietotes backpack and luggage set is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability that can withstand the adventures of my energetic youngster. We expect it to last for our many trips and adventures to come. I love that each of the styles is engaging for kids and also totally functional, with multiple compartments and pockets for easy storage and organization as well as inner cross straps to hold belongings in place. The set is also lightweight and easy for kids to maneuver, helping little ones gain independence as they travel.

Backpack Highlights
I especially like that the backpack has a hard outer shell, but a soft back and straps for comfort. It's the perfect size for kids (4.75” x 10” x 13”), and the adjustable straps make for easy sizing to their bodies. As an added bonus, the backpack can sit right on top of the matching luggage if you want to pull both at the same time. At home, my little guy likes to stack his bags purely for fun sometimes, that's how appealing this set is to him.

Luggage Highlights
The luggage is spacious enough to fit everything my son needs for a weekend at Grandma's ( 9.5” x 12” x 18”) or a few days away on a family trip. It's TSA- and IATA-approved, which means it meets domestic and international flight size requirements. It will fit inside overhead cabin bins, or under seats, on both small and large planes. To me, one of the very best features of this suitcase is the smooth-rolling wheels which make it a hassle-free experience. I've had such difficulty finding kids-size luggage with wheels that glide easily, so the Kiddietotes designers get five stars from me!

From family vacations to weekend getaways, Kiddietotes transforms the travel experience for kids. Children feel more responsible and organized as they pack their belongings, fostering a sense of ownership and confidence. This set is truly a gift both parents and kids will be excited to receive. Not only will it bring a smile to their faces, but it will also make their adventures more comfortable and enjoyable this holiday season.

Where to Purchase
Head over to Kiddietotes to check out their entire collection and order for the little ones on your gift list this year.

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