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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: STEM Gifts for Kids this Holiday Season #BluTrack

Those of you who follow us often are familiar with the educational racetrack set, Blu Track. We've previously introduced the starter set and accompanying accessories, which have been hours of fun for our kids and a big motivator in our pediatric clinic. Well the Blu Track Adapted Learning Kit has just arrived and it's a must-have add-on to the original. We are excited to surprise our kids with the new accessories pack and expect hours of entertainment as they create layouts and problem solve the physics of it all. Consider this set as an educational gift for kids this holiday season!

About the Adapted Learning Kit
As a pediatric therapist, I'm such a fan of Blu Track. This particular set is an excellent STEM gift for kids ages five-years-old and up. It's specifically designed for those who need to develop their fine motor skills and offers tons of opportunities to develop and apply problem-solving, cause and effect, and critical thinking skills, among others. The contents help kids to stabilize their racing designs and makes it a little easier for them to get their track races to hold. It even has a convenient carrying case to make clean up and storage a breeze.

Ready to use out-of-the-box, Blu Track is designed to be used indoors and out. The Adapted Learning Kit is compatible with all Blu Track accessories, as well as Hot Wheels and Matchbox car brands and any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle. We find that the weightier the car is, the better it performs on this track.

You may also want to consider the Blu Track Physics cars as an add-on to this gift. Personally, we LOVE these cars. They allow kids to manipulate the weight of the car to explore how weight affects force and motion. The sensory aspect of these cars is often appealing to kids as well. 

The Adapted Learning Kit includes...

  • 1 - 18 ft coil of 2 lane wide Blu Track® Performance Series racetrack (Age: 3+) (with tape already attached)2 - Blu Track® Track Anchors
  • 1 - Blu Track® Premium Hanger Pad
  • 1 - Suction Cup
  • 2 - Blu Track® Racers* (Age: 3+)
  • 4 - BluTrack® Ramps (with tape already attached) (Age: 5+)

Blu Track's goal is to provide opportunities for kids to learn through active play and their race track certainly brings STEM concepts to life in a fun way. Kids will be ecstatic to find this or any Blu Track set under the tree this year!

Where to Purchase
Head over to Blu Track to browse their entire selection and expansion sets for delivery right to your door. Be sure to check out their monthly specials, too.

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