EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Sofa Stud & Sand Stud for Parties, Beach Fun, Couch Caddies & More! #uniquestockingstuffers #functionalgifts

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Sofa Stud & Sand Stud for Parties, Beach Fun, Couch Caddies & More! #uniquestockingstuffers #functionalgifts

 If you're hosting a holiday party this season, consider using Sofa Stud and Sand Stud! These portable cup holders are super functional and great for festive gatherings. They also make unique stocking stuffers or White Elephant gifts.

What is Sofa Stud? 
Sofa stud is a one-size-fits-all drink holder for your coffee mugs, large cups, and canned drinks, as well as odds and ends that you want close by like remote controls and phones. It allows you to keep things within arm distance when you don't have a table nearby. Parents of babies can appreciate this invention! Sofa Stud boasts this holder as more versatile than a couch caddy and easier than a couch arm table. There are two different sizes available,  the Original and Mugworthy Sofa Stud®, The Revolutionary Couch Cup Holder. 

So, how does it work?
Simply wedge the paddle on the base of the holder between your couch or sofa cushions until it is firmly in place and flat with the cushions. Place your drink or items inside and you're good to go! This holder is BPA-free and designed with impact-resistant polymer resins for durability.

We find that these are extra helpful for parties and super easy to clean since they're made of plastic. Place them between the cushions during your house parties to provide your guests with extra convenience.

Choose from three different colors!

What about Sand Stud?
As beach-goers, these are our favorite! No more sand sticking to our drinks while we relax on the beach. Simply stick the cylinder-shaped cone into the sand and you've got a sturdy, clean place to put your drink that isn't going to fall over or get covered in sand when you put it down. We find that it's great for the backyard, too. The Sand Stud is 6 inches tall with a 4 inch opening, so it's perfect for cans, bottles, sunblock, sunglasses, cell phones, and more. It's non-toxic and durable, easy to clean, and as with the Sofa Stud, we love that it's made in the USA.

Where to Purchase
Head over to the Sofa Stud store to browse their offerings and order your selection right to your door. You can find them on Amazon, too. It's the perfect way to shop for the holidays!

Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by Sofa Stud. As always, our posts are our own opinions.