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Keep Your Little Ones Safe with Ride and Remind Backseat Reminder System

As parents, there are so many scary scenarios that go through our heads when it comes to our children's safety. One of the worries we hear most often is the fear of forgetting little ones in the backseat. Given the number of times this tragic events happens each year, and the fast-paced life that most of us lead, it's a totally valid fear. Thankfully, there are safety solutions parents can put in place to protect against this tragedy. One of the top-rated car safety solutions recommended is the Ride and Remind Backseat Reminder System. It actually becomes a part of your car to provide protection for your child in the back seat each time you drive. This means no hassling with apps, batteries, attachments or keychains! Simply get in and go.

About the Ride and Remind System
This system is one of the top picks in car safety systems for good reason.  It uses audible reminders to help parents remember the children, pets or items in the backseat in a totally hassle-free way, as it's hardwired into the car itself. All parents want to have peace of mind when it comes to their children and with our busy lifestyles, a maintenance-free system is a major plus. 

The system works by monitoring your vehicle's rear doors and activating when a rear door is opened and closed within 15 minutes before your vehicle is started, or if they are opened and closed while your vehicle is running. At the end of your trip you'll hear a gentle, continuous chime to remind you to check the backseat. At that time, you need to press the button that's been installed near the inside of your rear door. (but out of reach of a child's carseat). If the button isn't pressed within 40 seconds, your horn will activate as a second reminder to alert you or passersby, using a continuous SOS signal. It's that straightforward! 

This system requires professional installation by a 12V technician. Watch this quick demo video to understand the installation process...

Why Parents Love It
While there are a handful of car reminder systems on the market, the Ride and Remind Backseat Reminder System is one of the only systems that actually installs directly into your car. This means there are no requirements on your part to remember gadgets or hassle with wi-fi connections each time you get in the car. Deactivation is completed with a simple push of a button, making it one of the easiest systems to use. It's no wonder this system is used by so many schools and daycares as safety precautions in their transport vans. It's a reliable solution that takes driver error out of the equation.

Check out the fast facts from Ride and Remind for additional details.

Where to Purchase
Head over to to purchase the Ride and Remind Backseat Reminder System for delivery right to your door. Consider gifting this system at your next baby shower as well!

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