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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Meet the Digraphs Learning Kit #literacygifts

Those of you who follow us often know that we're always on the look out for great literacy gifts to recommend for the holidays. One question parents often ask is what they can do at home to help their children strengthen foundational reading skills and improve spelling abilities. This holiday season, I’m excited to share about the Meet the Digraphs Learning Kit from Preschool Prep Company, which provides engaging videos, stories, flashcards, and worksheets to help beginners improve their phonics and spelling skills. It’s one of the most affordable, high quality sets we’ve found that offers a variety of different ways to learn and practice digraph skills. Better yet, Preschool Prep Company is holding a major 50% off sale right now, just in time for holiday shopping!

About the Pack

Digraphs are two letters that we use together to form a single sound (think 'sh', 'ch', 'kn', etc.) This concept can be a tough one for kids. Thankfully, The Meet the Digraphs Learning Kit has come up with many ways to make these concepts fun and easy to remember. 

We especially love the Meet the Phonics Digraphs DVD of phonics videos that provide animated digraph sound characters who act out their sound. Watch this quick video sample which shows the 'sh' character showering, shaving, washing, brushing, and more! After the animated show, kids get to see and sound out words that contain the digraph. Our children find these videos super engaging and it really helps them to make spelling and sound connections to improve reading and writing skills. The DVD also offers a guessing game feature and a story that highlights the words as the character reads. The kit also offers a downloadable code, so you have the option to use the DVD or watch the video on an iPad, tablet, smartphone, computer, kindle or ROKU TV!

Meet the Phonics Digraphs Flashcards are made of fantastically sturdy material with large print and colorful illustrations. The flashcards feature 13 consonant digraphs with the digraph character on one side and a practice word on the other. The pack also includes fill-in-the-blank cards for kids to practice their spelling skills. 

The Meet the Phonics Digraphs Workbook contains 98 digraph worksheets that pair perfectly with each sound as kids move through the thirteen digraphs. Each page is colorful and fun, with easy-to-follow directions, letter tracing and fill-in-the-blank opportunities, as well as game-style activities.  Parents and teachers alike will love this workbook!

The Meet the Phonics Digraphs Easy Reader Book contains twelve digraph stories which provide short, memorable phonics paragraphs with fun illustrations. These stories allow kids to apply the skills they've learned from the videos, flashcards and worksheets as they practice reading easy, fun stories about the characters.

It's no wonder that Preschool Prep Company has one hundreds of awards for their products. Our kids love to use them and we've seen this set truly strengthen their phonics skills. We love it as a holiday gift for young readers this year! 

Where to Purchase

Head over to Preschool Prep Co to browse their entire collection and order for delivery right to your door. It’s the perfect gift for beginning readers and writers, homeschooling parents of little ones and even early elementary teachers!

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