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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: First Concepts Board Books from Flowerpot Press #earlyreaders

This season, give the gift of reading to the little ones in your family! Early literacy skills begin with book exploration and shared discussion between you and baby, making board books the perfect gift choice for the holidays. Flowerpot Press has a wonderful collection of books for early readers that focus on first concepts to support early language development. We've selected a few of our favorites to share with you, and recommend taking some time to browse their full selection of books for school-age kids as well!

Textures - This touch and learn book by Katie Wilson incorporates kinesthetic and visual modalities that enhance children's understanding as they explore and read with you. The story takes readers on an African safari where they learn about safari animals throughout this cross-concept enhanced board book. Children are introduced to textures that are soft, smooth, bumpy, and more! The tactile opportunities provided in this book make it one of our top picks.

Coats - Not only is this book by Katrine Crow a fantastic way to introduce the concept of 'who' to children, the photography is beautiful and engaging. Little ones will have fun trying to guess which animal each close-up coat belongs to. It's a wonderful way to practice answering basic 'who' questions and make beginner level predictions. For preschoolers, you may even want to provide two options for them to choose from before turning the page. This can support reasoning skills. 

Opposites - Opposites books are a must in an early reader's collection and this book by Katie Wilson is a great choice. Exposing children to opposites from an early age enhances their language skills and promotes understanding of basic concepts needed for successful communication. The illustrations are so child-friendly and easily allows them to compare and contrast to learn vocabulary. It's no surprise that Opposites is from the Montessori-inspired Discovery Concepts early learning collection, with it's tactile enhancements embedded throughout the book. 

Who Does Baby See? - Our personal favorite, this book by Stephanie Meyers is educational and fun! Consider pairing it with Coats as a way to introduce the concept of 'who?' in an easily relatable way for young children. Each book features lots of friendly faces that draw baby's attention and can be generalized afterward as you ask baby 'who' questions about their own family members.

We hope that these book suggestions make the holiday this season with your little ones a special one as you build their love for reading together!

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