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Create a Decadent Thanksgiving with eCreamery's 'Give Thanks Ultimate Collection'!

With as stressful as this year has been, we want to take care to create a Thanksgiving that will feel extra decadent and memorable for our familybeginning with the food! Dessert is my favorite part of any meal, and the eCreamery's Give Thanks Ultimate Collection with 8 unique flavors is a collection of ice cream is like no other. Whether you decide to elevate your traditional holiday pies with a scoop on top or serve this ice cream all on its own, guests will be left asking for seconds. Sometimes the simplest things can bring so much joy, and joy is certainly needed right about now! 

About the Give Thanks Ultimate Collection
This incredibly delicious gourmet collection includes eight festive pints of ice cream flavors specially created to celebrate Thanksgiving. One bite of the Turtle Cheesecake or Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream and you'll be as hooked as we are. It's no surprise that eCreamery has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, The New York Times, Esquire, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and ESPN, to name a few. Even Oprah has sung their praises. 

The Give Thanks Flavors Include:

  • Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch (Butter Brickle)
  • Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls
  • Turtle Cheesecake Ice Cream (My favorite, the cheesecake flavor is AMAZING!)
  • Brownie Batter Ice Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
  • Cinnamon Ice Cream
  • S'mores Ice Cream

If you really want to WOW your guests, you can even order personalized pints customized with a title, quote and image. How cool is that? (Pun intended!) 

Can't get together with family this year? Send them a gourmet surprise by shipping the Give Thanks Ultimate Collection directly to their door! 

Where to Purchase
Head over to the eCreamery site to browse their full collection and place your order in time for Thanksgiving!

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