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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Tavour Mixed Beer Gift Set for Beer Lovers!

Those of you who follow us often know that we make it our mission to find unique gift ideas for the holidays. This year, is definitely one of our top picks. For the beer connoisseurs in your life, Tavour's Sample Mixed Beer Gift Set is a fantastically creative gift idea! This set of 3 to 6 independently brewed craft beers includes a little bit of everything. Your beer lover may find anything from IPA's, Saisons, and Wild Ales to Imperial Stouts and more.  It's the perfect door-to-door gift during the Pandemic and will certainly put a smile on your loved one's face when they open the box. At $35.00 for the set, you can't beat this offer. 

Our Sample Mixed Beer Gift Set!

A Look at Our Mixed Beer Gift Set
While each mixed beer set is different, they all include highly-rated beer from Tavour's personally recommended selection. Our sampler included 6 amazing pints:

  • You Guava Be Kidding Me - Brewed by the Far West Cider Co., this dry cider infused with brazilian guava has a crisp, fruity taste that goes down easily on a sunny day! If you're a cider lover, you're going to want to try this.
  • Bear - The artwork alone draws us in on this pint. Brewed by True Respite, Bear is your classic pale, subtly sweet German-style lager. Great to pair with just about any dinner for a satisfying end to the day.
  • Beer Geek Brunch - super interesting, this stout is made with Cà Phê Chồn – one of the world’s rarest coffees, imported from Vietnam. It's roasted malt, coffee, citrus and dark chocolate flavors create a deliciously hoppy, bitter citrus finish.
  • Pistachio Cream Ale - Created by Brewing Indeed Co. , we have to agree with the brewers when they said it was like liberating a pistachio nut from its shell! This pistachio cream ale is crisp, smooth and slightly nutty, like nothing we've found locally.
  • Puff Tart XL - brewed by The Bewing Projekt, this imperial fruited sour ale with pineapple, strawberry, lemon and marshmallow flavor is one of the most interesting brews we've tasted in a long time! Love the fruity goodness and will definitely order it again.
  • Epiphany - This Maine IPA brewed by Foundation Brewing Company has a Citrus, tropical fruit and pine blend. It's extensively hopped in the kettle and in the fermentor, and absolutely refreshing.

A Bit About Tavour
Tavour's beer selection come from 47 states and over 650 breweries across the country. It allows you to discover delicious beers that you can't typically find locally. We love that it allows you to build your own custom box of the craft beers or enroll in a subscription for on-going delivery. There are no minimums or commitments, allowing you to customize your gift for a friend or family member at the amount of your choosing. Even better, the shipping is a flat fee, so feel free to add as much as you want to your order without racking up crazy shipping costs.

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Tavour has an app that makes it possible to access and discover the highest-rated craft beers from all over the USA. New beers are shared everyday! Pick and choose your own beers and have them delivered right to your door. The app can be found on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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