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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Laser Tag Fun with Laser X Evolution!

If you've got active kids on your gift list this year, you'll want to check out Laser X Evolution. This top rated Home Laser Tag System is like having a laser tag compound in your own house! We love that it gets kids moving in a fun way and even encourages some strategic thinking skills. It brings everyone together for a fun battle inside or outside, in darkness or sunlight. This set is recommended for kids ages 6 and up and will likely make your child's day if they open it up this holiday season. Learn more about it below!

About the Laser X Evolution System

This system allows players to choose from more than 20 different team colors to light up the blasters as you play. The beams can even go through windows and bounce off of walls or mirrors, so quick-thinking players can form some major strategies as they play. The quick slide reload keeps the game moving and he advanced sensors allow for an interactive voice coach to offer tips and tricks throughout the game. Even better, all of the Laser X gear words together, which allows for unlimited players! The system requires 6 AAA batteries, sold separately. 

Watch this video for a brief demo!

This system is fun for children and adults alike! It's a great way to create fun memories together as a family or send the kids off to play in the backyard while you get work done around the house! It will certainly be a favorite for the holidays!

Where to Purchase
Look for the Laser X Evolution System at your local Walmart retailer or order directly here

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