EGWs6uuBZ3pp-zGuVVdmeLgkJG4 Across the Avenue: STEM Toys for Kids: Counting and Sorting Bears by SET4Kids #SpeechLanguageTherapy #OccupationalTherapy

STEM Toys for Kids: Counting and Sorting Bears by SET4Kids #SpeechLanguageTherapy #OccupationalTherapy

Over the past few months, home schooling has become the new normal. While it's definitely a daunting task, it can be made so much easier with high quality, ready-made materials. Those of you who follow us often know that we love to share about exceptional educational resources for kids. This week we are excited to spread the word about a few amazing STEM resources from SET4kids (Smart Educational Toys for Kids). They promote the engagement, movement, and hands-on learning that kids need now more than ever. Check out each set below!

About the Counting Bear Sets
These sets are so versatile that we use them for our preschoolers and school-age kids alike. They allows us to build foundational language and math skills as we target categorization, qualitative, quantitative, and spatial concepts, computation, logical reasoning and critical thinking. The manipulatives support engagement during tele-health sessions and are perfectly packaged as a grab-n-go resource for travel therapy.

Counting Bears 3-Sizes Set
This set is a must-have in your toolbox! It contains bears of three different sizes (small, medium, large) with numbered bellies that can be used in many ways to practice both language and math skills. The durable, laminated cards provide natural leveling opportunities as they target skills. Consider using them as a classroom center, partner work, or individual intervention.  

What it includes:
  • Counting Bears in 3 Sizes (small, medium, large) with numbered bellies
  • 4 Sorting/Stacking Cups
  • 12 Face Dice
  • Activity Cards

Counting and Sorting Bears STEM game with Activity eBook. Primary Colors
This STEM game includes loads of printable activities! We love that it comes with four different types of dice to expand learning. The tweezers are major motivators for our kids to engage in lessons, too. (Great for OT sessions!) When you purchase this set, you will receive an E-book of printables, as well as instructions about how to play the game. Activities target color and number identification, number-word correspondence, basic addition, patterns, matrix placing and more. 

What it includes:
  • 60 bears (red, orange, yellow green blue, purple)
  • 4 dice (colors, numbers, number words, and traditional dot dice)
  • 6 cups
  • tweezers
  • storage container
  • E-book with instructions and printable activities

Counting and Sorting Bears STEM game with Activity eBook. Pastel Colors
We often use this set as an extension to the primary colors set, which helps kids expand their color knowledge, categorization, and more. Use them in tandem or mix together to increase difficulty level! Pairing the primary and pastel bears is a nice way to introduce shades of meaning to school-age kids.

What it includes:
  • 60 bears (white, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow pastels)
  • 4 dice (colors, numbers, number words, and traditional dot dice)
  • 6 cups
  • tweezers
  • storage container
  • E-book with instructions and printable activities

A note from SET4kids:
'🐻 SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 CONCERN!!! This toy is made from high quality plastic that is BPH, lead and phthalates free. The bear are NOT intended to use for children under 3 years old or those who still put object in their mouth! SET4kids is the only authorized seller of this toy.'

Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy Suggestions
In addition to all of the fantastic ideas that come along with these counting bear sets, we've come up with a few that are specifically geared toward speech-language and occupational therapy in order to target a variety of language concepts, visual processing, grasping, stacking, and more! Here are a handful of ideas that you can apply to your own sessions...


  • Identifying: This is a game a of quick hands! Place the colored cups upside down, spreading them out on the table or floor. Call out a color and race to be the first to grab the correct cup to earn a point. Stack your cups as you earn them.
  • Naming: Flip the colored cups over and hide a bear under one. Kids guess by naming the colored cup that they want you to lift up.
  • Naming: For little ones, grab some plastic eggs and place one colored bear inside each. As kids open them, they identify the color and produce a word or expanded phrase. My kids like to sort them into color groups as they open them. Add the laminated cards as a match up activity as well!
  • Categorizing: Place colored cups in a row and provide kids the assortment of bears. As they sort bears into corresponding  cups, they name the color. Working on 2- or 3-word combinations? Require kids to produce phrases such as 'red bear' or 'small green bear' as they sort. Use the tweezers to pick up each bear for ST/OT skills mash up!

Basic Concepts
  • Qualitative: Work on comparatives or superlatives using the bears of differing sizes. The corresponding laminated cards are ready-made for this activity!
  • Quantitative: Allow kids to create groups of bear families and practice concepts such as 'all, none, some, more, most, few, less, least'. Turn it into a game by taking turns rolling the dice and collecting bears from a pile. Ask questions using quantitative terms as you play.
  • Spatial: My kids love using the cups and bears to practice 'in, out, under, on, in front of, behind, in back of, off'. Once my kids get the hang of these concepts, I let them place the bears around the cup and ask me where it is. They love feeling like the teacher! Working on sequential order or ordinal numbers? Allow kids to create  line with the bears and identify specific spots in line.


  • Earn It: Using 24-square speech sound sheets, my kids produce the word in the square 3 times to earn a bear. They love trying to collect all 24 bears to cover the sheet completely for the 'win'. I let them use the tweezers when the game is over to clean up their bears.
  • High Score: For kids who need a little more excitement with the articulation sheets, we use the bears from the 3-Size set. They pull a bear out of the cup, read the number on its belly, and say the target word that many times. We add the numbers together, keeping score until all the squares are filled. Kids like try to beat their highest score each time! 
  • Minimal Pairs: Using two of the cups and a bear, use minimal pair cards to target phonological processes or auditory discrimination. Hide the bear under a cup, then place one card in front of each cup. Ask kids to tell you which cup to lift up by saying the corresponding target word. You may also let them lift up the cup after providing the word, to see if they can discriminate between the two.

Where to Purchase
Head over to or Amazon to purchase these STEM games and activities and have them delivered directly to your door. Be sure to browse the rest of the collection as well!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by SET4kids. As always, our posts are our own, honest opinions.